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This is one healthy fast food (Shakshuka)


Food is exciting, but without variety it can become a boring routine, and that’s how I felt when I got tired of cooking long chicken or beef strews. I wanted something delicious, quick to make, and with just a handful of ingredients I can easily have around. Then I found the Shakshuka/Shakshouka recipe through the guys from in their free cooking course.

Ever since I discovered Shakshuka it’s been my go to meal when I need something quick, delicious and healthy. Don’t be afraid of the name, it’s simply eggs poached in a tomato sauce.

Shakshuka originated from Tunisia and is now popular in the Middle East and East Africa. It’s usually a breakfast meal, but seriously who cares? You can eat this anytime with bread, or throw in a little carbs if you like, rice on the side or potatoes.
Here’s the simple ingredients you’ll need.


1 large Onion

1 Bell Pepper(Green, Red or Yellow)

3 fresh scotch bonnet peppers or chilies

4 Tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic

2 tbsp oil

1 tbsp tomato paste

118 ml vegetable stock (half cup)

1 tbsp white sugar (optional, but the sugar balances the acidity from the tomatoes)

A Handful of Parsley

3 or 4 eggs

Seasoning of your choice (try cumin, paprika, black pepper, salt, thyme, 1 Bay leaf)

Prep time: 5 mins

Cooking Time: 30 mins

Serves: 2


Cook Onions and Pepper

  1. Slice the onion and bell pepper. Mince the garlic and the scotch bonnet, you can remove some of the seed if you don’t want it too hot. Heat oil in a frying pan. Add the onion and bell pepper, until softened.


Make the Sauce

2. Add the garlic, scotch bonnet, and tomato paste. Cook for 5 mins, stirring occasionally. Add the vegetable stock, tomatoes and sugar.


3. Stir and cook on medium heat, till the water is dried up, and it has a thick sauce consistency. Season with a pinch of salt, herbs and spices and some chopped parsley.


Poach Eggs

4. Once you can make a well in the sauce, it’s ready to poach your eggs.

2017-07-19-07-55-36-01[1] Make three Wells in the sauce and crack your eggs into a separate bowl. Pour this careful into each well. Do same for other two. Cover the frying pan and cook the eggs on medium heat for 6 to 7 minutes. (click link to learn how to crack and egg without breaking the yolk) 


Depending on how you like your eggs, if you want it runny, you can cook it for less, just make sure the whites have set. If you want your eggs well cooked you can leave it on for longer, just know when you take your eggs off the fire, it still cooks, so you want to remove it a little before it is cooked to your desire, so it doesn’t overcook.

Sprinkle some parsley on top, and it’s ready to be mopped up with bread, or just eaten on it’s own, you’ll thank me after.


I love the simplicity of this recipe; it’s affordable and different from our regular stews, I’m sure the family wouldn’t mind this twist to an egg breakfast, that is delicious and full of healthy tasty spices, you’ll thank me after.

You will smile again (Coming out of depression)


I was thinking of what to write, as all writers do, and before I started typing, WordPress said share your story here.
So here it is, my story, which is your story too, and most people in the world. The last time I wrote something here, I was coming out of depression.

Now please don’t expect me to say I went for therapy, laid on a couch, with a calm lady asking me what’s on my mind. I’m not implying it doesn’t work for people, it’s just not the way I deal with my problems.

I read about some of the treatment of depression, depending on how severe it is, some people need therapy, medication, or a life style change. Well I didn’t change my lifestyle, I kept doing the things I used to do. I kept going to church, singing, I kept being around God’s word, even if I wasn’t doing the reading, I was hearing it and it was working. This wasn’t automatic I promise you, it was hard, there were many times I wanted to remain indoors with a blanket and tea and a movie.

Music was my friend, as always it is constant. This music by Integrity Music, Lord have mercy was really helpful, it spoke, it comforted, it was a good friend interceding for me, asking God to have mercy on me. I’m implying you should go find that music, I know you got it.

Ahhhhhhhh, as I type, I’m thinking about the bitter girl I was some months back, disinterested with the elements that keep me going in life, namely people, my world in church, talking to God.

Not anymore, I’m free.

I’ve smiled, and laughed so hard these past months. Just this Sunday, my Father asked me if I was happy. I love that question, it’s not the standard ‘How are you’ that you never really know how to answer, so you just say fine. It’s almost as if the person asking is programmed to ask, I don’t think we really want to know the answer to how are you most of the time, but I may be wrong. (By the way I told my Dad I am happier than I was some months ago.)

For those of you asking, can you get straight to the point? What was wrong with you in the first place, I’m afraid, you will not get an answer here, or even in the last blog I wrote about depression, a little bit of clues here and there maybe, you may need to read it for yourself.

All I came here to tell you is that you can and will smile again.

Some people go through depression for a life time, that sucks. Listen to me, the word of God is always right. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Depression is not just what the psychologists term it, it’s a power, a spirit, a demon that likes to oppress people. You must wrestle it, by casting down imaginations, yeah those voices you hear within you. You do that by disagreeing with it, and for the best therapy, choose someone who loves you, choose God, he may use your family, your church, your friends, or a stranger in the form of a psychologist.

I’ve never had to see a psychologist, they can’t compare to my pastors, the great women in my life, they can’t compare to God, and he has always solved my problems. Always, I’ll always smile again, the experience will be painful, but I always come out stronger.

Choose God, and you will smile again, you will live again. You don’t need to understand how He does it, just believe he can heal you. He healed me, and now life has never been better, I’m so much stronger to face the other storms coming, yes that’s it, expect more storms, but what an amazing thing we don’t have to go through it alone, we have the power in God’s words, and the people he uses. 

The Rambling of A Depressed Woman.


You really should walk, that weight is not going to burn itself.

I’m well aware, I snap back. 

I pick up my bag and walk, even though I know it’s not going to make a difference, I’ll always be fat.

I can’t stand it when she’s so blind, she can’t see I don’t want to  talk to her, not today girl. Just shut your mouth, let me be, but I nod to her persistent questions, and give some petulant hmms, maybe she will stop, but she doesn’t stop.

Someone moved my scarf, it’s not exactly how I draped it on my bed. My bed is my bubble, don’t touch it, don’t burst it. I’m raging at such a minor displacement, but it’s not minor to me, it’s my peace, but instead of filing a complaint, I gently place my scarf exactly where it was and I am pacified.

I want to shout, I want to put them in their place, I want to say something witty and utterly rude, I want to show I can be mad too, I do, in my head. I find myself saying nothing, doing nothing, it’s what I’ve been doing for months now. Nothing satisfying, nothing edifying. I’ve never been this empty.

Will you go for the meeting?

I say nothing, I’m not going anywhere, I hate the meetings and the people with their accusing eyes. I hate that no one sees my soul becoming dark.

I’ve been lying here, looking at my laptop, the screen is too bright, so I make it dim, I can’t stand the bright light, it’s almost as if it’s trying to see through my dark mind.

I’ve been watching this new series I’m in love with, drinking my black tea, I’m happy. I forget all the things and slowly when the music at the end of the episode starts to play, I remember, so I click on the next episode, when I hear the theme song, all my thoughts are drowned, till I fall asleep.

I’m not ready for another lambasting today, I just want some quiet and peace.

I don’t have a strong support system, nobody cares,  nobody has my back.

I’m not that bad, actually I am, why won’t they see the good in me.

I’m not good enough, that’s why he stopped talking to me, that’s why she’s ignoring me.

Even when I asked and pleaded, I was a fool, a crying fool, it didn’t make any change.

I unlock my phone, I see all the messages, all from group chats, not one person texted except for devotionals, something I always ignore. I hate that no one is checking on me, but I love it too, I don’t have to answer uninteresting people.

It’s work to talk to people, everyone is so boring and overbearing and insensitive

I don’t enjoy this anymore, except when he speaks to us, then all these thoughts freeze, but right after I don’t want to stay. I can’t bare to stay, I want to leave, and go back to my perfect bubble where no one can hurt me.

I miss my family, I too have a mother, I’m not motherless, I have brothers, they’d fight for me. But deep down, I know it’s a lie, it’ll will be the same.

They all don’t want me.

And it’s your fault.

Yes, it must be something I did.

I hate holidays, so alone, so far away from home.

I put in all my heart and what did I get, accusations, spears thrust in me, caution, cautious of me, me? an enemy, I was your friend, but it wasn’t enough.

I’m hurt, bitter, I’m a bitter widow, I married love and now love is dead. I hate ‘them’ for killing my love.

We never seem to know who them is.

She finally went for the meeting, not out of loyalty, but for her peace of mind. Immediately she got there, she didn’t want to be there, but she stayed.

Prayer was led, and words were said. Words that spoke to her, she didn’t want it to speak to her, but it wouldn’t stop. So she gave in and cried, hands were laid and all she could hear was one word. It stood out, hands were laid, some things came out.

She felt lighter, she could enjoy the food and the company after looking around and she saw that everyone was just like her, going through something, maybe worse than hers, but they were all here. They are all trying to win, and she had let herself be defeated.

After everything was over, I went back to my bubble and my phone

I go to Google Chrome and search for the one word DEPRESSION.

If you have been experiencing some of the following signs and symptoms most of the day, nearly every day, for at least two weeks, you may be suffering from depression:

  • Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood
  • Feelings of hopelessness, or pessimism
  • Irritability
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities
  • Decreased energy or fatigue
  • Moving or talking more slowly
  • Feeling restless or having trouble sitting still
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions
  • Difficulty sleeping, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping
  • Appetite and/or weight changes
  • Thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attempts
  • Aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems without  clear physical cause and/or that do not ease even with treatment

Google seems to get me more than I get myself. I cry, I’ll be crying like a fool.

Depression for the world is a mental disorder, depression for us is a spirit. That may not  be cured with drugs but with the laying of hands, casting down of imaginations and thoughts, the name of Jesus, eating of his flesh and drinking his blood.

I was definitely fighting  the spirit of irritation, sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, guilt, worthlessness, google pretty much sums it up.

I’m still fighting, sometimes I win,  and sometimes it overwhelms me, and I have to cry my thoughts out, cast them, scourge them, kill them, I find I can do this when I talk to the Holy Spirit.

I’m still getting healed, I’m still rambling, sometimes my thoughts are put together. I’m learning to do the things I love again, I’m still in church, I’m still trying to be happy and to let go and forgive myself and others and oh to love again.

This time I will win, I won’t let it beat me, that’s what Beethoven said.

P.S  I wrote this for people who are silently going through depression, don’t let it engulf you, destroy you, talk to God, those thoughts are mostly lies, some are your true mistakes, but God has forgiven you and forgotten.

Talk to him, he will heal you, and comfort you, join a good church today, they are the best support group, if you let them.

_Lorraine Stitch

It’s Friday, When was the last time you rewarded yourself? 

You come back from work tired, it’s been a long week. You’re sweaty, itchy, and a little grumpy, because you have no car, and the troski was full of equally sweaty people who don’t use lime. In fact you were sandwiched between two sweaty people and one’s arm was touching you. 

Your boss didn’t help matters today because he projected his angry feelings for his wife on you and you just don’t like being shouted on, or called stupid subtly. 

It rained on the way home too and you forgot your umbrella, so now you have to worry about your hair too. 

Life is messy, but don’t worry I have just the thing to make you feel better. 

But wait, I have to address the people who had a great week too. 

You just wrote a paper you prepared hard for, and it turned out great. 

You just got a promotion at work, and now people respect you a little more. 

You just completed that project and you’re feeling a little proud of yourself. 

Looking for something to reward yourself?  Don’t worry I have just the thing. 

I’m a firm believer of rewarding myself with things that make me happy, and you should too,  and amazingly they also work when I’m down as well. 

Don’t wait for someone to surprise you, people mean well, but if you’re waiting for people to make you happy sometimes, you’ll be waiting for long. 

Take charge of your own happiness, it’s what I tell myself, and of course appreciate the people who ‘try’  to make you happy. 

Here’s something you can reward or comfort yourself with, a little CLT, chicken, lettuce and tomato sandwich. 

I know it’s not as famous as a BLT, but it’s good, of course it’s good, it’s chicken people!  

You’ll be needing a few ingredients 

1. Toasted Bread

2. Pan Fried Chicken Breasts 

3. Lettuce 

4. Tomatoes 

5. Mustard and Ketchup 

6. Vinegar (Optional) 

Start making your sandwich

1. Spread some mustard on your toasted bread. 

2. Place Lettuce on bread

3. Place tomatoes dipped in vinegar if you like. 

4. Place your chicken nicely on bread 

5. Some Ketchup is going to brighten this baby up.  

6. Cover your sandwich 

7. Cut into two 

8. And enjoy with some Coke and lime. 

Let me say I had a good day once and this was my reward. It was the best feeling, biting into this delicious simple sandwich. 
It’s Friday, you should reward yourself. 

_Lorraine Stitch

5 Reasons Why You Should Remain in the Friend Zone. 

We’ve all been there, the friend zone. Some love it and some just loathe it, they want to get out. 

I’ve got news for you people, the friend zone is not a bad zone to be in at all. If you’re caught in it, and there’s no going out, be there. 

I hate that some people don’t want to be in there, I mean, you can only marry one husband, one wife, you can only like and date a few people. What’s gonna happen to the rest of the 99%? 

They are going to be in the friend zone! 

I find it exasperating that some guys, in my case are not content with what I have to offer them, my friendship. 

Which is valuable, I’m fairly nice, and I cook, lol, and not just for the one that makes my heart jump. I’m very loyal to my friends, I care about them, but no! They want more. 

See, with the training  I have in church, I know what I want and don’t want. I can usually tell if there’s hope for you, besides liking someone is not just something that is forced or something you can stir up, matters of the heart are a bit mysterious and magical. You can like someone immediately the first few times you encounter them, and you could have known someone for years, and nothing will happen. 

So my point is, stop trying to metamorphose every guy or girl you meet into a husband or wife, you need friends, people you can count on, even when you are in a relationship or married, you will need friends. 

And if a guy or girl is sending you signals,(usually I like to talk things out, state clearly, I don’t like you like that!) that they see you as friend and nothing more, try not to keep pushing, your pushing is not going to get you very far, it’s going to make things more awkward, and in most cases it leads to the very end of that friendship. 

It is better for you to remain friends, to experience friendship than nothing at all, and frankly speaking some people are just better off as your friend than your husband/wife, you have no idea the baggage that comes with them. 

So here’s my top 5 reasons why you should remain in the friend zone. 

5. For those of you who have been put here because the person is not sure about a relationship with you yet, don’t despair.I think it’s a good idea too, being in the friend zone will help you really get to know the person well. Stay there, you may or may not want to come out after, but then if you do, good luck. 

4. The friend zone is great because some people are more valuable to you as a friend, they are simply better people as a friend. A relationship can spoil things, the best way I can explain this is that the both of you are not compatible for a relationship, but for friendship, yeah that will be great. 

3. Being in the friend zone can actually help you learn more about the opposite sex, which will later help you in your relationship. 

2. To me, my friends are for life, being someone’s true friend means we can count on each other till death do us part. (A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24) I have such guy friends, there’s nothing romantic about our relationship, but there is true Agape love, they are my backbone when I need them. You can have the same if you will open your heart to it. 

1. And lastly, putting you in the friend zone is someone’s choice, respect it, and actually be their friend. Don’t worry, soon someone will be willing to be your friend and be more, you won’t have to struggle for it. 

Hope you enjoyed this piece and actually learnt something. Comment below and let me know your thoughts. I will love to read them. 

I’m dedicating this piece to all my male friends who have been a true friend to me for years now. (You know yourselves) It’s been a pleasure I tell you, you are very valuable to me. 

_Lorraine Stitch 

I like it Hot! Yes it’s Pepper Sauce

If you don’t like it hot, stop reading. Okay don’t stop reading,  but this is a fairly hot sauce. 

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, life is happening to me. You just know I respect people who work and still do what they love, it requires a lot of good Juggling skills, and I’m still getting the hang of it. 

Alright, so here’s what happened this last weekend. 

I made Pepper sauce. It’s sort of the green version of Ghanaian Shito, but without tomatoes, the dry shrimps, and whatever is added to it. 

This Pepper sauce is made up of two main ingredients, Pepper and Onions. 

The idea behind this is to make a really simple, cheap sauce I can eat with everything ranging from yam fries, potatoes, rice and so on. 

It’s really hot, I love hot food, and Ghanaians used to love it too, but I don’t know what happened, most Ghanaians I know can’t stand the heat anymore. 

If you don’t like hot pepper, you can reduce the heat by adding more onions.

Here’s how I made it. 


1. Pepper (The Green ones for the green effect) 

2. Onions

3. Vegetable Oil

4. Seasoning (Salt, black pepper, garlic ginger, Rosemary, bay leaves, and any seasoning you like) 

What to do:

1. Blend Pepper and Onions

2. Preheat Oil in your Pot

3.Add blended pepper and onions to hot oil

4. Grate 2 cloves of garlic or more if you like, and 1 small ginger. (Too much ginger gives a bitter taste) 

5. Add Seasoning in moderate proportions.

6. Let it fry till the water is dried, and the pepper looks cooked.I fried mine for about 40 minutes.

7. Let it cool, and put it in a jar. It’s so simple, you can leave it on fire and do other things.

Have fun with it with anything you have on hand. 

I made yam fries, and well it got my picky friend Adwoa coming to eat, so it was good. 

_Lorraine Stitch 

This is not just a Recipe, It’s a Food Story.  

Hi guys, happy Monday. As always I love Mondays, it’s usually a breath of fresh air. 

So here’s what happened during the weekend. 

I made chips! Haha! 

Plantain chips is something most people I know like to buy and  snack on, it’s reasonably affordable, and tasty too, so it’s pretty much a win win. 

I’m going to share how I made it, but this is more about why I made it, not how. 

It was Saturday and I really wanted something simple and interesting to make. My friend had some unripe plantain we’ve been waiting to ripe, but it just wouldn’t ripen, and I got impatient. So, I took the liberty to go on YouTube and just see what I could do with it. 

Most people I know, buy plantain chips, they don’t make it and it’s the tradition now. People will rather buy than make food like this, because of time( they’ll rather just pay to save time) energy, and some people are just not crazy about food like me. 

I get it, I really do, and I understand that it’s not every time homemade food is a choice. 

But when you do get the time, do try and make your own plantain chips. 

Have you heard about how the people who make them fry the chips in some really wierd oil mixed with tyre. 

Okay correct me if I am wrong by commenting below. 

But I just know when you cook yourself, you’re in charge of  what goes in, you decide what oil to use, what spices to use, you get me now. It’s a much healthy way to live. And trust me, homemade stuff tastes better, I don’t know if that’s true across the world or if it’s just my mind, do let me know if you think homemade food tastes better than anything. And so, this is why I decided to make my own chips. 

Now to the recipe, here’s some quick steps on making what I’m calling( and I’m sure what someone else calls it) Salted Crispy Plantain Chips. 

You’ll need: 

1. Unripe Plantain or Ripe plantain 


3. Any Oil of your choice

What to do:

1. Remove plantain peel, I like to scrape off the rough skin, not sure what difference it makes, but my mom does it. 

2. Cut into really thin even slices with a knife. 

3. Soak in water so it doesn’t brown. 

4. Add salt into water. 

5. Remove plantain from water and put in a sieve to dry. 

6. Put oil in a frying pan, or pot or deep fryer. Let it smoke, then take plantain one by one and put in oil to fry. 

7. Because the plantain is really thin, it cooks easily so keep an eye on it. I notice when it’s fried, it stops sizzling. 

8. Remove plantain and transfer to a paper towel. Put in a Mason jar, just because Mason jars make everything look cool or a bowl, and snack away. 

It’s really simple and I’m definitely going to be doing this often, because it takes no time at all. 

Try it, be creative, spice it up if you think salt is boring, you’ll love it. 

Oh by the way, chips with peanuts is just amazing. 

_Lorraine Stitch

Let me tell you something about Nigerians. 

We love to live life fully. 
We are bold, sometimes it makes us appear arrogant, sorry Ghanaians. 

Our English is somewhere between funny and wrong. 

We speak the best pidgin in the world. 

We are naturally dramatic and funny, any Nigerian can entertain you like a professional. 

We really love music and dancing. 

We are the life of the party. 

We love to spend and show off, girls you will never pay the bills. 

We are into weddings and making it the talk of the town. 

We are supper smart, and are good writers too. 

Our girls are really beautiful and our boys charming. 

We go to school pretty earlier than most, at least I’m sure earlier than most Ghanaians. I don’t know if it is our passion for education or just our natural ability to be fast or too fast. 

Our food is great, really great, with lots of varieties to choose from, some might repel you, others might just whet you. 

We are not the most refined people on the average, but we’ve got one another’s back, especially when we find ourselves in a strange country. 

We love our country, even with all her shortcomings, we don’t have anywhere else to go, this is home. 

Nigerians love Ghanaians, come on, proof lies in the jollof wars and the constant teasing, and the fact that our boys marry Ghanaian girls. 

I’m a living proof of that. 

It’s our birthday and today I want to thank God for choosing Nigeria for me, she gave me a good childhood, boldness that Ghanaians secretly envy, and a really fun life. Forget about the bad things I picked up, Ghana has diluted all that, actually my Church has, but this is not about Ghana. 

To all Nigerians, keep living life, I can’t promise life will be better, but let’s keep praying, for our leaders, for our country, and let’s make the best of our lives, because really some have it worse. Let’s be grateful and say, 

Happy Independence Day Nigerians, proud to be one, always. 


5 reasons why people avoid chatting with you. 

I really didn’t want to write about this so as not to be seen as rude, but I really want to help some people be better communicators. The title should have been five reasons why ‘I’ avoid chatting with certain people, but let’s not make this personal now. 
It’s quite unfortunate that people don’t know how to talk these days. Social Media has made it too easy and too cheap and too shallow. 

You’ll preferably text someone on whatsapp than actually have a genuine  conversation, face to face where you can see the person’s facial expression. 

Talking to someone in person obviously involves more work, there’s no emojis to hide behind, if you’re not laughing, you’re not laughing. You can’t likewise express yourself in short hand, and there’s no predictive text to correct your words. 

Ei! Pondering about it now, it’s serious, when there is an awkward pause, you can’t leave your phone or go chat with someone else, you will have to live through that moment and figure out how to come out of it. 

So, I’m not about to preach to you about meeting people and having real conversations, I’ve already done that here ( you can click the link and read about it. 

But this is for you who like to chat with individuals on whatsapp, Facebook, and the likes. 

Particularly when you are trying to get to know the person, or it’s your first time texting. 

Alright, let me be honest with you, this is more for guys, because herh!! Some of you guys don’t know how to effectively chat with  a girl.

Here’s my  5 reasons why people (girls) avoid chatting with you. 

1. Hi

You want to get to know someone and you send the one word Hi, and say nothing after that, that’s not enough to get anyone’s attention. Unless the person is so less busy, they are looking for someone to chat with. 

When you are chatting with someone, imagine you are talking to the person in real life. Will you walk up to someone you don’t know and just say hi then nothing? When you think of it this way, you will see how creepy you look on whatsapp. 

So, the right thing is to say hi and then introduce yourself. 

‘Hi, my name is Steve. I saw your profile on Facebook, and I think you’re pretty interesting. I hope you don’t mind but I will like to get to know you better.’ This is more likely to get anyone’s attention than just ‘Hi’. And it also puts the person at ease when you introduce yourself, you don’t want to appear as a creep or psychopath.  

2. GM or Goodmorning. 

Hmmm, first of all, we agree it’s a good morning, but please what are we to do with GM? If you have introduced yourself to someone and there’s been a flow. Don’t send Gm the next morning and stop there. Look it’s irritating and nobody has time to respond to such messages. Just say what you want to say. 

‘Goodmorning, I hope you slept well, I was wondering if you will like to meet up today. ‘ or if you really don’t have a purpose for texting, you can try ‘Goodmorning, I just wanted to say hi, have a blessed day.’ It’s more likely to get the person to say ‘Thank you, and you too.’ You get it now? 

3. Your shorthand writing disability

This to me is the killer of conversations. Don’t get me wrong, some people don’t mind chatting with you in short hand, but that’s the problem, they are just like you. 

There’s no way you’ll chat with a sophisticated person in shorthand. It’s  a complete turn off. If you do so, repent now!!

Folks, the reason why your English is bad and you can’t write letters anymore is because of this disability, Shorthand. What is shorthand? Who invented it? The person needs to be shot. 

I used to write in short hand a zillion years ago, but I repented, you can also stop. Once you start writing in short hand, it immediately puts you in a category D, maybe E koraa. 

When people chat with me in short hand, if I like you, I’ll tell you to write in full English, if I don’t, well you know what happens. 

4. Asking Closed Ended Questions 

There’s something in English Grammer called Open and Closed Ended Questions. Closed ended questions require a ‘Yes or No’ answer, and Open Ended questions require you to answer more than Yes or No; so asking open ended questions allows room for more conversation.

Closed Ended Question – ‘Will you go out today? ‘

Yes or No 

Open Ended Question -‘ What are you doing today? ‘

I’ll be indoors mostly, relaxing, but then I’ ll go to church in the evening. ‘

‘ Oh so you like church, what do you do in church? ‘

You see, it leads to more conversation, yes or no questions lead to a dead end. The person will be moving on to someone more interesting. 

5. You are too forward. 

Simply put, you’re impertinent, presumptuous and intrusive. 

You should know when to ask certain questions. I believe most people especially girls will appreciate it when you know when to cut it. Don’t ask too personal questions especially when the person is not ready to answer them. 

You can’t start chatting with someone and ask, do you have a beloved? Why not? What happened? You get the picture now, I’m sure you’re squeezing your face at the thought of such questions. 

Please, friendship, trust, intimacy, takes time to build, don’t try to run when you’re supposed to walk. 

I always appreciate a natural flow of friendship, some of you want to force it, take it easy. 

There are loads of other reasons, like no humor, being too formal, too spiritual if you know what I mean, but these points just get to me like an itching rash. 

Do comment below and let me know if you agree with my reasons, and what your reasons for avoiding chatting with someone are. 

And here’s a link to some articles I found helpful on how to talk to start a conversation with someone. You will find it useful trust me.

_Lorraine Stitch 

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