Things that Make Us Go “Click!”

Quiet and focused.

The Daily Post

As you may have noticed, we love photography here at The Daily Post (and we have the free ebook to prove it!). Judging by the hundreds of responses to each of our Weekly Photo Challenges, so do you. But what is it about a scene, a place, or a moment that makes us reach for our cameras and snap an image? Regular Daily Post contributors Cheri, Krista, Michelle, and Ben share their photo-taking quirks.

Cheri Lucas Rowlands

When I go out and take photos, I tend to wander into quieter places. I’m not as comfortable pointing the camera into a crowd. I’m more interested in “indirect” portraits: a person caught off guard, looking away; an odd angle; an off-center composition. While I like photographing movement and landscapes, my favorite images are quiet and focused.

Holocaust Memorial-Cheri Lucas Rowlands

This shot at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin shows a few examples of what I look for when out and…

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