Real Jamestown.

DSC02272[1]What I heard of Jamestown was first of all the stench that greets you when you arrive, thank you George. Then I heard about how the people are habitual road blockers. On a sunny saturday, men and women in black under the covering of a canopy, in the middle of the road, blocked, just blocked, and nobody can say a thing, hey its community, its all about togetherness.

Now here’s what I read about Jamestown,(Paraphrased Wiki 2014): Located directly east of the Korle Lagoon, Jamestown is the oldest district in the city of Accra, Ghana and emerged as a community around the 17th century British James Fort and on the Gulf of Guinea coast, and it goes on and on. I’ve learnt we only see parts of things, I couldn’t rely on wiki, or my friend George, I had to see for myself.

So I went with potential friends, group members, okay it was a class project, but I made it my own. We got there and I was all grins, camera in my hand, feeling like a tourist. Within seconds I had already taken pictures of the Light house, before I read the notice that states we couldn’t take pictures, ha! yeah, right. I was not greeted by any smell yet, just the sound of the sea. We went to Jamestown to find problems, and disadvantages, we acted like we care, maybe we do, I don’t know. But I went to Jamestown to find Perfections, I wanted to see something I don’t see on a norm, something people don’t focus long enough on or at all, the real Jamestown.

Here’s what first caught my eye.

Vintage Radio

This beauty, I can’t remember the last time I listened to one, Okay the last time I listened to one of these was in Nigeria, i used to listen to BBC Story Story, in the dark and when it was bright in the afternoon, I’d listen to Rick Dees and the weekly top fourty, and of course there was Wazobia, a radio talk show that turns serious to humor. Someone had taken this beauty and hung it on the wall, it laid quietly and waited for me. You don’t see this in today’s reality, its all bowed heads and screens, whatever happened to listening and visioning the characters, we don’t have this or we do but we don’t want it, you’ll find this in Jamestown, you’ll find this perfection not touched by modern times.

wpid-dsc02284.jpgI went to Jamestown to find intelligence and I found this man. His hands wouldn’t stop moving, only to take a break and  laugh. Jamestown is infamous for its fishing occupation, in fact one picture was captioned, how can a community rely on fish everyday? Yes how? I have no idea. This man sits here for quite some time making and mending nets, I loved the way his hands moved with the line, it was like watching a dance, the fishermen of Jamestown can dance with their hands.

I’d like you to measure intelligence, I’d like you to think beyond an A, or the Steven Hawkings mind, and yeah there’s Steve Job too. They are kinds of intelligence but it doesn’t stop there, I bet you Alexander would have had a hard time dancing with this fishing line, or live in Jamestown and survive, haha, ok he probably will. The whole point is, an A doesn’t cover it all, this man is part of that A, without knowing it, he’s doing something you and I can’t, he’s found a way, not the best tech, but it works, it brings fish, that modern you and I will pay for so we can be vegetarians. That is pure intelligence, and its in the real Jamestown.


wpid-dsc02290.jpgI found community spirit in Jamestown, between neighbors, traders, beggars and these siblings too. Maybe they are not but I think so. I have three older brothers, growing up together and relating was better than these days i think. We always shared a room together, the four of us, even though there was an extra room, we talked and laughed late in the night, we loved music, made music, our Father will go crazy because our music was too loud, or I was screaming from torture from my closest brother. We loved that we were four, it was a complete trick team. Now we are all apart, distance, school, work, growing up, its taken our sibling moments, sometimes we go back and we want to stay there together.

The children of Jamestown are together, naked they go, naked they come, not ashamed. The older ones carry responsibilty, its just natural they look out for the young ones, its natural they walk together, going about their chores. There’s no internet, no toys, no video games, what they have is priceless, they have themsleves. Without knowing the treasure they have, I pray they don’t take it for granted, because it is what some of you want, more time with your siblings, you wish you could take a walk or run or just randomly play in some sea, or do chores together, ok to be honest, maybe not the chores but you still wish you had Jamestown national siblings day.

wpid-dsc02289.jpgAnd this one here is glorious. Her workplace is open and bare, its so hot. I was practically splashing myself with water and shying away from the sun but here she is, she’s here like the sun doesn’t exist,she just stirrs, her babies are hungry. Maybe I am wrong, maybe she wants a better workplace, one with an aisle so she can lean on it, maybe she can feel the sun, its burning her, her feet are aching from the awkward stance she has to take, but she’s still here, stirring, her babies are hungry. And she thinks of the men who work all day, toiling for fish that may come, she thinks they will be starved too.

DSC02300[1]These men of Jamestown, they don’t have control over the sea, or the fishes within, they don’t know how hard the tide will hit, but they know God and his love. They are not the most refined, but they are strong, they may not speak the clearest words you’ll understand but their language is one. They are defintely not the most skilled in the area of charming women, but they are the boldest. Here are the men of Jamestown, they’ll boldly ask for your name and then your number and it doesn’t offend you, it makes you smile.

DSC02304[1]They may not ride in furious cars but they can ride the mighty sea, they may not have vision like the way you do but they have a vision of the world just right in front of them. You may not know it but they have dreams, they have peace the sound of waves brings.

DSC02274[1]I respect the people of Jamestown, they live, it doesn’t look like they have much but they can afford to smile at a stranger like me and direct my steps, they are not shy, its their town. I went to look for perfections in the real jamestown, I wonder maybe if you went there too, you’ll see the same things i saw or you’ll think, this Stitch is just crazy.


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  1. Lisa Summer says:

    Update Wiki and link your post to it… I think you do better… Now I want to see James town! I know you like traveling, you could have a travel guide for Accra… Or be the go-to-person for tourists💯


    1. Awesome, i’m glad it made you wanna go there. will do the update on wiki.


  2. Eli Tsegah says:

    Lovely write-up! And the framing of your shots… I’m impressed. Woman of many talents. 🙂


    1. OH Eli thanks, where did you come from all of a sudden.


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    The Jamestown Experience


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