Words! words!! words!!!
I hate them, no wait!! l love them,
But it kills me, it doesn’t tame me.
Don’t play roulette with me, just shoot me now.
Did you just say that?
Do you have any idea what my heart just went through??
You do not care?? but I just got stabbed!!
With your words, your horrible truthful words.

I know it is truth
And it is not the sweetest
But why take more bile and rub it in
There’s only some I can take at a time
Please, take your time, all of it.
Tell me I did wrong,
But tell me with Love
The truth can save
But your truth kills, it doesn’t heal
It doesn’t bring hope
Because you bring it with hate
And you bring it with pride
Where is your Love??
That is patient and kind
Where is your Love??
That bears all things.
Where is your Love??
That was shed abroad in your heart??
Till I find it..
Your truth carries no weight,
It carries no strength
It carries no life.
You have sent it to destroy.

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