Folks wait for Summer,
They hope for him because he’s warmer.
Summer came and then a new song,
Not very long with music twas sung.
With noses high in the air folks breathed him down.
I swear I can smell him now.
Gallant, high, strong fellow.
Summer came and we knew he was hero.

I was something before summer,
I wasn’t as bright but I burned.
I wasn’t as loud but I hummed.

But Summer was softer,
He always brought folks together.
And I, I just kept them apart, it seemed forever.

Oh! She is coming we have to prepare for her” they said.
Not like a welcome but like a disease they feared.
I came and no one to greet me,
No bright faces, just puffed up coverings.
I had been quarantined, infectious.
They wouldn’t cover up if I wasn’t so odious.

I grew wild because they accused me.

They said I was cold and blunt,
They said I was a storm.
I was hurt, so I caused wind to howl, but no one would budge.
They left, scurrying away like rats into their holes.
Left me, alone to melt.

They waited, they knew he would save them.
Without notice, he came.
And there I was, cold, frozen.
He saw me, but he didn’t curse.
He didn’t see harsh, he saw glitter.
Pure as white were his own words.
Fair as the clouds, beautiful.
He had seen nothing like me .

He picked me up, molded me into his ice queen
And we danced, oh we danced and
Oh how I shined and sparkled.
It didn’t seem so cold anymore.

Folks looked out from their windows.
And for once, they could look into me.
They saw crystal, they said I was smooth, pleasing to feel.
So the children ran but they slipped and fell. So Summer, he picked them up and they slid down, moving so gracefully, they didn’t fall, they laughed.

A man and a woman came outside too.
They felt me but they didn’t clench their teeth,
They clanged to each other, and it felt like it was the middle of summer and something, it was a new feeling.

When their lips greeted each other because they were so close, it didn’t stop there, they crawled back in their hole.

I was worried, but why? all was going so well.

He smiled, he understood my fears.
You’re beautiful, this is what you do,
You make people need each other. 
You make people come closer.
I didn’t understand his language.
He doesn’t understand, no.
I am disease,
I don’t make things, I destroy things.
I’m cold, I’m hard.

What! I heard  a name, it sounded so beautiful on his lips it didn’t sound like it belonged to me.
Can you not see? he said, they need you
To make them feel closer, to make them love
But No!
Hush now.
You are mistaken he said as he brushed his hands on my lips, even I need you.

And then he told me
I feel too warm sometimes.
I feel too bright like I an open camp fire for the rest of life.
But when I touch you, it seems like I can cave in, it seems like its not so hot, its beautiful.
I love your palm in  mine, the way we move, your lips, it cools my fire.
Its a difference that blends so well.

I couldn’t believe this
But I found myself believing. I believed it like it was truth written on his face.
I trusted his hands in mine even though it burned.
It was simple,
Summer came and lightened me up.
He came and he didn’t judge.

We grew on each other.
Our needs were equally met,
We didn’t need empowerment.
And still we danced.
and I wanted no end.
But I was wrong to want.
Because time, although it goes into forever. .
It also had an end.

What is it? What? I asked.
Nothing he said
Nothing, but I can tell its not nothing.
It’s Nothing.
There’s something happening to me Summer, I don’t feel whole anymore, like I am slipping away, I.
I stopped, I looked at him, there was Nothing in his eyes.
Please tell me, tell me what this nothing is

He just looked me deep.
His beautiful lips were closed.
I cannot be with you.
We were doing so well so I didn’t understand those words.
What do you mean, tell me, oh why?
I can’t bring myself to, then he shut those lips and looked away.

I couldn’t stand, I was literally melting.
I was losing my form.
I was losing what I thought was me.
I felt a sharp pinch on my face.
I touched it, it felt wet.
It didn’t feel like the strong ice I thought I was.
Oh! oh!! I moaned. I reached out for him, for his hands but he wasn’t there.

Can you not see WINTER?
You do not belong here.
You cannot be here with me
I can’t be Summer when you are here.
It seemed I heard words that looked like these but I didn’t know where it was coming from.
I was fainting, fading, my vision blurred with mist.

Oh my Winter, its your time to go.
No he didn’t mean that.
I need you my Sum. .
Not I, not anymore.
It’s time, I’m afraid this is not the time to be in the bubble you live in. Summer cannot be Winter.
But you made me believe.
I did what I had to.
But the people,
They never loved you.
But they want me now,
They will never choose you.

I could see he was brighter than normal
He was so fiery, it burned me and even I could not burn.
He was right after all, no one would choose me.
I looked beyond with my last strength,
I could see shadows of the people.
Their hands in the air, soaking in the warmth of my love.
They had decided, they had chosen him.

I laughed, hahahahahaha, quite madly too.
What was I thinking?
I was something before Summer and now
I am a trail of ice, a drop of glitter. A memory that never lived.
I’m what is left of that great storm,
Summer came and he lightened her up,

And then he blew her away,
She ceased to exist.
It stings so bad.


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