Why do we write?


I decided to start a blog at first so I can dump all my work here, more like a back up incase I lose all my work in a fire or God forbid an earthquake.
And there’s the idea that you want people to see how special your writing is.
Then there’s the part where you want them to like it because somehow thats going to give you pleasure.

And when they give you feedback and tell you how nice it was and how you are good that somehow reassures you about something you suspected, that you may be a good writer.

I have started dumping my work.. and it feels good to just look at it written nicely and not in my barb wired handwriting.
And that’s it, its just there.

Sometimes people view, recently they liked, few feedback..haha. I don’t have enough for the confirmation of my gift.
So will I still write regardless?
Am I here for the attention or am I here to just express myself?
And as attention wavers ..will I still write because I just love the art?.
Why do you write?

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