Wherever you go.


Could he really search the ends of the earth, the edges of the highest clips,
the deepest caves,  the lowest valleys,
just to find me?.

He leaves his throne, his worship, he leaves his father’s love and starts…
Running, running after me.
Searching like the woman with her coin, seeking, not resting till he finds one insignificant person like me.

He follows me to the dirtiest places, the most sinful places and all he is saying is “I’m coming for you , wherever you go, fathers and mothers don’t always come through. .but I’m never gonna stop following you”.

Till I find you I would not rest, I will not eat, nor will I stop to greet anyone.
I’m coming for you wherever you go.
Running and he finds me, but not to judge me or persecute me, he gives his life in exchange for my lost one, he loses all that I may have all.

He saves me and he keeps on running, running, running, even death can’t make him stop. The earth cannot contain him. He sees the finish line and  the enemy surrenders, the key of death, his hold on me, the enemy is defeated. I will never forget.

He’s still running today, through me.
I’m running for him, searching for people like me. I’m not stopping to rest, not to eat the pleasures of this world, not greeting people that are not in the race, the people aside that cause you to stop.
I’m running for Jesus till I find a soul.
I will tell him what my Lord did for me, sharing the same salvation.
I’m running, I don’t know where but I’m running everywhere he takes me.

Because I’m coming for you wherever you go.
Prophets and lovers don’t always come through but I’m never gonna stop following you.
I’ll never stop running for Jesus, he did the same for me.

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