I Am Nothing


My Lord,
Look to the skies
They bear me no witness
Am I nothing?
Look to the earth
It holds no mark of me
Am I nothing?
Look to your own man
He will tell you no tales of me
Am I nothing?
Have I told you something?
Have I told you how I think myself
high and high
Have I not? Really?
I get offended when I am talked to in a somewhat manner
I scowl at correction together with rebuke
I think myself worthy of attention and love
I love the praises of people both the loved and unloved
I never like you much if you have no offering of a little good word just for me.
People say I intimidate people. .ha!
I never think this true, too proud to accept it.
I think my company is the best you’d get
With wit, humor, a great smile and a pretty face and brains to match, why not?
I never mix well with commoners.
We do not use words like commoners anymore.
My commoner in this day will be called typical.
Never mix with typical people and well the result of a typical person is just plain old boring..

Why Lorraine, have you no shame? have you no humility?

No My Lord
I never think I don’t have humility..
Arising from a ‘humble’ family ..but yet the proudest people you could look upon
We didn’t have much but we had pride and that didn’t keep us looking typical.
It seems I have made history. .coming from where I was
To be here.
Where people smile at you and want to approach you and befriend you
But they never will, too typical for the high and high Lorraine.
People look at me from a distance and whisper, she’s a star, she moves with other stars as stars should.
You don’t see a real star coming down to play with mere stones.
I scowl now My Lord,
at the picture I have just painted
It is an ugly one

Madness …you fool!!
I make mockery of it, who are you?
You call yourself the Screamer, you call yourself the LoveLovedLorraine and now the Stitcher..
Who are you really??
That I will not talk to you in a somewhat manner

My Lord forgive me

Who are you?
That I will not correct together with rebuke
Who are you
That I will not praise
But tell you the truth. ..
Tell you who you really are
You are nothing
You are nothing but dust
Dust would have been far more worthy.
Nothing but thin air
I can do as I please.
I am above you and I can do as I please
And you will not get angry
You will not scowl at me
You will not be silent
You will not be hurt
You will smile and call yourself blessed
That I scourge you, that I chasten you
That I command people to do the same.

Your Fathers, your mothers, your brothers, your sisters, your juniors, your priests and prophets and people you know nothing of, I command them to.

I love you..can you not see..take off the pride and foolishness you have worn
And see that I mean only good.
I want your heart to melt and form flesh
I want you to see who you are…nothing. .
I am your father
You’re everything to me
But you are nothing to the world.
You are nothing to yourself
Lorraine my child.
Who are you??

Yes my Lord

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