Before a month and a week,
When reality hit me
I became dumb and weak
No one had to make me believe.

After saying these words;
“Have a nice life”
I knew it wouldn’t work,
We had lost our light.

I said to myself “I’ll be fine”
I will make it through this night.
But I myself didn’t know it was a lie
It was going to be a cold fight.

A fight within myself
A fight only the brave can survive
Long before I couldn’t have imagined this would have been bred
Because we floated and flowed like cool vibes.

At first I could tell no one of our fall
It would have made it more real
So I kept it to myself, until I recognized my flaw
I couldn’t go on living a lie, I had to make it through this ordeal.

It wasn’t easy letting go
I was like an eagle shedding old skin
With no covering I was left naked and cold
But patiently I waited, and hope for new wings never grew thin.

Now a month and a week
I have found my bearing
I have found my feet
And lost all my yearning.

I’ve broken free from your grip
But its funny, I can still look back and smile
I guess that’s life’s trick.
In all, I think it was worthwhile.