Break Ups (Before a month and a week)

Before a month and a week,
When reality hit me
I became dumb and weak
No one had to make me believe.

After saying these words;
“Have a nice life”
I knew it wouldn’t work,
We had lost our light.

I said to myself “I’ll be fine”
I will make it through this night.
But I myself didn’t know it was a lie
It was going to be a cold fight.

A fight within myself
A fight only the brave can survive
Long before I couldn’t have imagined this would have been bred
Because we floated and flowed like cool vibes.

At first I could tell no one of our fall
It would have made it more real
So I kept it to myself, until I recognized my flaw
I couldn’t go on living a lie, I had to make it through this ordeal.

It wasn’t easy letting go
I was like an eagle shedding old skin
With no covering I was left naked and cold
But patiently I waited, and hope for new wings never grew thin.

Now a month and a week
I have found my bearing
I have found my feet
And lost all my yearning.

I’ve broken free from your grip
But its funny, I can still look back and smile
I guess that’s life’s trick.
In all, I think it was worthwhile.


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  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Quote – “At first I could tell no one of our fall
    It would have made it more real”

    It is interesting how this process works for many of us in different situations. Break ups are hard, I’m glad you are finding your footage!

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  2. I can imagine, I wrote this four years ago, it wasn’t anything chronic but still hard. Thank you for your input.


  3. mytreetv says:

    “I’ve broken free from your grip” …”I guess it’s life`s trick”

    Life hasn’t got any tricks
    it’s just in the mind of poetry-chicks
    who are to blind to see
    that things are different from what they ought to be

    The “tricks” are all in your brain
    it is your imagination who makes
    what it takes
    not to be insane

    “No pain – no gain”
    is what masochists say
    but life is not just rain
    and no saddist play

    Ok some of my rhymes are pretty lame
    but I’ve got one aim
    if there is someone to blame in your life
    it’s you with your head in a hive

    it’s the best trick to kick yourself
    out of the routine
    ignore your bookshelf
    and LIVE YOUR LIFE – if you know what I mean…

    Best regards from a friend in Switzerland…


    P.S. there is a bus-station called Lorraine in Bern…,+Bern/@46.961251,7.446113,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x478e39ed363190a5:0x7726277db554c2d8


    1. Interesting analysis 🙂 I like.


  4. The Scottish man? Lol

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