I won’t lie, its hard these sometimes,
When I can’t feel you here with me.
Can you reach down and touch me please?
Cos I want to be touched these sometimes.
I want to be held and crushed in some arms.
How I wish they were yours Lord,
Physically here with me,
dust and breath, A Man.
How nice to know you are perfect.
Father, last night, some night, lonely and longing I was.
I cried to you, I clanged to you.
But all I was left with to feel were my tears.
I wanted a father, But it wasn’t you.
I wanted my father with less perfections.
What is this you’ve placed in me?

This desire for a Man.

You walked this earth,

Blessed were those you kissed

washed, smiled at, fed, comforted, hugged, touched.

Blessed were those who saw these things.

I am no different, I want them.

I want to dance with you, feel the vastness on your chest.

I want to kiss you, hug you tight.

I want to feel you closer, to lie with you on a cold floor.

I want to see you and your love.

But you no longer walk this earth, I cannot see. . . Oh!

You’re not a man after all.

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