Not to sound selfish tonight
But when I think of everything
In the end..I want only you.
The thirst for you overwhelms
Every desire I have for a man.

I have come to this place..
I had a man..sort of
I think I had those crushing arms I told you of
I had those kisses…I had Lord, that chest.
I had it..and it felt good.
Today here I am, broken and not even knowing why.
Here I am..needing a man.
And yet…I want you.

I didn’t need to hear your voice
I didn’t feel your touch
I did not feel your breath. .
I did not feel your arms…no not once.
Yet it feels like all these things are right with me.
Your peace you’ve given me…
Its better than a hand…its better than substance.
I’d bet my life…no man can give me this.
I’m glad you’re not a man because,

You feel so much better than him.
You understand deeper than him
You know the words I need
You love widely…you just love.
Your timing is perfect.
It dries my willing tears.

I thank God I am here
I thank him; I have crossed
To the end of some people’s life
The place where they finally admit God was all they needed.
I started with A Man. .and now I have finished.
It is finished. …
You are God. ..not that man.
Thank God.


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