Morning walks (Open your eyes)


After my ten minutes mile, I walk,
Tired from powering myself.
Hoping my body will recognize I’m burning,
And also thinking of how my real body will be filled.
Then I feel a voice within me say, “shut your eyes”
But I am walking, I reply.
I never walk according to lines too.
What if I shift into that ditch?
“Close your eyes and walk. ”
I close them. No it feels wrong, I am shifting, I come back to the norm.
I see where this is heading.
A test, of Trust.
I look ahead, there’s no possible way I could fall.
The way is clear and void of blocks.
I go pitch black and I do what I must.
Fear they say doesn’t existexcept in the mind.
I go dauntless on it, I keep walking.
I get comfortable and confident.
I feel liberated, I trust the unseen.
Then, suddenly!
“Open your eyes! ”
These thoughts happen in half of a second
But I’m doing fine, I’m walking in line.
I gasp as my eyes open,
I was out of line.
My right foot about to make the final fall
Into that deep hell.
I look around me, no one had seen that.
But He did,
He told me to walk in darkness trusting in his light.
I did but he also told me to
Open my eyes, he wouldn’t let me fall.
He wouldn’t let his baby stumble
He wanted her to just trust and then obey.
He, the most practical, real, the most felt unseen being I have ever lived in.
I have opened them Lord,
Now what will you have me see?


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