Someone; Like you (The mind at Eighteen )


I remember some time ago,
When I longed to do something bold, something silly.
At eighteen, it was high time I did something crazy.
But it wasn’t just something to do I longed for, but someone, someone like you.

I wanted someone I could feel young with and forget for a moment that the world exists. I found that with you.
I wanted to feel that tingling feeling when you find out that the boy you like likes you back, someone at whom I could flash my cute and coy smile. Someone I could look at and not want to break free. I found these with you.

I wanted someone who would listen and laugh at my talks even when they are not funny. Someone who would hold me, And crazily imagine he can stay in my embrace forever (it’s silly I know)

Someone who would get so intimate with me with just a gaze and an embrace, And leave the much awaited kiss till I’m ready to embrace it. I found these with you.

I longed for someone who would be comfortable being in the dark with me, Someone I’ll feel ok to be uncomfortable around. Someone who would make my thoughts read blank, because I’m dead nervous.  I found these with you.

I longed for someone I could spend time with, doing nothing but talk and hold my hands while we walk. Someone who would look at me like I’m special and know I‘m beautiful inside out.

Someone who would be patient enough to guide me when I’m acting tentative and nervous about something complicated yet simple as a kiss. I found these with you.

I longed for someone I could enjoy silence with, someone I could tease and share secrets with. Someone I could feel safe with, someone I could trust. I definitely found these with you.

I longed for someone who’ll freak out cos I’ve not replied his text. Someone I’ll miss till it aches. Someone who’ll fill my thoughts when he’s far or near. Someone who would miss me and not be ashamed to admit it, Someone who would call me babes. I found all these with you.

And although I know this is not meant to last, the thought that I found these in someone like you, no matter how short-lived, will be enough for me. The thought that I could experience all these will make me satisfied for a lifetime. Then I can look back and think of you and smile, and I’ll be dead fine.


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