A lot can happen in twelve days.

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Its been twelve days since I wrote anything. Have you ever wondered what happens to writers when they leave their computers and go back to their real lives. The one that is extremely far from what they post every few days, maybe not so far, I don’t know. But I know mine, and maybe someone will relate to it.

Its a life filled with people but most of the time you are alone. Its a life filled with music, yet you can’t seem to find that song. Its partly filled with worry, the kind that doesn’t put you to sleep.

I know Philippians 4:6 says I shouldn’t worry but instead pray about everything and be thankful, I’m shaking my head now. Its not automatic. The worry comes and it is difficult to detach yourself from it.

After feeling like shit before and after my last post, it was hard to get back on my faith track. If you find someone who is kind enough to pick you up, well you’re blessed. Most of the time, you have to follow my great great great grandfather David’s footsteps and just encourage yourself. So I managed to do that and started talking to God, its not been the same but its better. One step at a time.

I had this interview to go for and prepping was key. It kind of reminded me of judgement day, you know when all the little things you did here on earth will determine whether you get the job or not.
I was asked little things like do you listen to radio?, read the newspaper. I mean in this day and age. Thank God I am a fanatic for old things.

I do listen to radio, BBC in particular but not because I want to prove anything, but just because its good company. Its like having your own theater in your ears. My point is, the things we take for granted might cost us a job or a position, the things you thought were not important might be the very key for your promotion.

Then comes the scary part, my interviewer asks me to look at some pictures been exhibited and write something on it in thirty minutes. There I was, put on the spot. I don’t know if you know but as a writer, I take my time, most times it requires a rush of muse to produce something tangible. Sometimes you just take the muse by the neck and go for it. No one has ever asked me to do this but I was surprisingly calm. I got up and looked around, asked a few questions and took some notes.

Ha ha, it was exciting but nerve wracking. When I was done, I got to work. I don’t know how but for an exhibition about the environment in Ghana I managed to bring food and fashion into the picture as comparisons. My Interviewer is stern so she came in exactly thirty minutes after I started, I had not finished.

Glasses on, she read and I drummed my fingers on her wooden table, looking around me, trying not to look at her read my raw work. Finally she is done and she says “not bad”. Its not the grandest review I wanted to hear but at least she didn’t say it was horrible.

This interview was about how much I prepared for what I expected and what I did not expect. How do you prepare for that? I say keep doing what you do with ease and master it, you never know when you will be put on the spot.

And so I walked out of there feeling a little hopeful.

A week and some days later after the mountains and a little hunger and 27 hours of prayer which by the way leaves you feeling nothing like spiritual but tired and bored, I got  a mail. I got the job, well its part time but still good experience. I’m officially working as a writer and a photographer, well I hope they add that.

Finally some hard work of writing and posting here paid off, the blog never lies. This stitch has got skill.


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