That’s what it does, what it did.
A small touch
That was all it took
And it triggered
A sad song
It stabs, It chokes, It triggers.
A long memory, of what was done to you.
He ripped your soul,
She grabbed you and then she let go
And it triggered
Sometimes it is the pain of being left behind or shut out.
The silence of someone you love.
It was the look of triumph on that bride’s face, no it didn’t make you smile, It made you battle tears.

Those triggers, they cut you and made you take blade and cut yourself even more.
Deeper you cut, deeper into lascivious tunnels and dark secrets, into regrets that won’t forgive you.

I saw you, I saw you crawl inside.
You didn’t turn back, you could have but you love deep things.

You told yourself I can never come out. I heard you scream
You were hurt, you’ve become hurt.
Pity stop yourself, you are not helping.
Drown in this self pity and you will die. You will die like the others.

I know how you feel.
Believe me, I know how you want to end it. I know how you want to live but not without her, not without her voice in your ear.
You think you need his strength.
I know, I was there not very long ago.

But these triggers, they are liars.
They tell you it is over but its not.
They tell you he doesn’t love you but he does and even if he doesn’t, another is dying to love you, I wish I could swear.
Those liars, they tell you you’re dying,
And you believe them.

Take a walk with triggers and they will lead you down the aisle of lies.
Lies you already believe.
No!! Come on, Baby you lie to yourself.
Who told you you can’t be free?
If only you will, will you?

So your mama wasn’t the best example to you but did the best she could.
Your Papa stopped trying, he was tired and weak, he couldn’t carry you but today look at you, you are saved because he did not hide God from you.
You hurt because love didn’t find you but accusations did.
I know it hurts, but I promise you, you will laugh about it too soon.

So dear one, say hello to Triggers, and then say Goodbye.
Tell him you’re falling into that which is peaceful, pure, perfect and lovely.
Baby Girl, tell him your emotions are not running the world.
Because you are what you think.
Till we meet again Trigger, you’ve lost this round.

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