Mind Her


I find I struggle everyday
With my mind and her imaginations.
The places she can take me
It is my greatest fall.
Wishing for things that will never be yours.
Ahhhhhhh but you told yourself they could be.

Don’t pray amiss.
I say also don’t wish amiss.
What are you thinking Ho!
The mind and her many ways.
The way she makes you believe what you have concocted is real.
Like mixing white rice and stew and calling it jollof.
She makes you grab some possibility that will remain a possibility.
She’s good at seducing you to hold on to some foolish fantasy.

Oh please, Come back to us.
Come back to your life. Come back to what is really in front of you.
What has God promised you?
You specifically.
He definitely hasn’t promised you someone else’s husband or wife.
Or the life of another person.
What does he have for you?
You can’t just conjure other people’s things to you.

This is not a sorcery class.
Won’t you find out what is yours before you waste your faith.
Come down Zach, please come down.
Look, it’s me calling.
Your reality, your life.
Come attend to me.
Mind me, I’m your business.
Don’t stay high on that cursed tree. Come down.

People this is my war, my mind.
We fight every day, then we make up.
I chastise her, I tell her what to think?
But she roams, She thinks she is the main character in wanderlust.

She’s a witch, stubborn, harsh like bleach.
She knows good but she knows evil too. After she was done tasting she’s always wanted more.
She’s the tool he uses to decieve me.
Mind her and be warned, she can twist you.
So bend her, melt her.
Direct her to things that are pure and lovely.To things that are really yours.
Mostly things he had promised you in his word.
Not to something a man cannot give you.
Not to things the world drum in your ears.
Mind her, watch her, guard her.
As a man thinketh so he is.
Enough already, we have said too much.
Remember to make her sweet, kind, soft, yield, obey, happy, repentant, willing to be chastised.
Remember, don’t leave her to bitch.

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