The Curse


I stood and thought of how merry goes round.

Round and round it goes,

this cursed ride.

And in this ride is a certain faithful passenger.

Everyday she is born, and sent with dreams and expectations.

With the rule book, the dos and don’ts.

We’ve been here before, they told her.

Don’t let them see weakness,

Don’t let him take you for granted.

Don’t love him too much, let him beg,

Let him chase, tongue out, damned to watch you from behind.

Don’t lose your guard, they will cheat you.

Do hold your head up high

Do beat him in everything, school, business, class.

Do make sarcastic comments that prove they are dumb.

Do fight for your right, fight for your will

Fight to be seen and heard, fight for what has been denied you.

Do love yourself above everything.

Do tell yourself you are beautiful,

Beautiful Lady, you do not need him, do remind him.

You need your own ambitions so use your powers to get what you deserve.

Ei!! She didn’t stop to think,

She kept the book in her heart and she was ready,

Ready for a ride.

She knew who her enemies were, it was a battle well drawn.

She would win, if she listened and did according to what she was told.

She went to war, yes it was war.

I don’t know what else to call it.

With her defenses so high, it made the great wall of China insignificant.

She found soldiers like her, they had also been wounded so

They fought to be heard and you listened.

Because they were soft and tender,

I saw them, they were the epitome of grace, of achievement.

Can anything good come from a woman except warm food and a warm bed?

Apparently yes. They wore their ambitions with pride. They sang their independence, you were hypnotized.

So the tongue out men were flies, because they were drawn and they chased.

Oh how they chased and chased but got no game.

Not like how their Fathers had taught them, because they were constantly reminded they were dispensable but

Men are men and they got bored and stopped chasing.

Now all She had were her ambitions and more ambitions.

She had carved her own life,

Careful now, She’s Mr President, Miss Independent, She’s the Captain of her ship.

Aye aye Captain, but she was alone.

Ever met a pregnant woman with cravings, yeah.

It was like that, the craving to be led, to be held,

She wanted a covering, she couldn’t wrap around herself.

Night after night, she wondered what was missing.

The void, her beliefs couldn’t fill.

What was it we were taught again, she pondered,

Women were made to be equalizers, made to balance the world.

To continue what God did not finish.

But he actually did finish.

And unto the woman he said, “and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee”

Your desire shall be subject to your husband

Man is now the head of woman

Don’t flinch or sing your independence anthem.

I didn’t write this.

All your fights, the wars, I know you are hurt

But your war should have been fought on that faithful day,

The day Satan made you believe lies.

The freedom you desire could have been won

If you were not so easily deceived.

Now it is you in this world and a great big working curse

Personally I have never seen a curse that protects you,

Because that’s what it does, protects you from your own ways.

No you disagree, come on the evidence lies here

“What is this that thou hast done.” he asked.

“The serpent beguiled me and I did eat.”  Woman,

He saw the wars, saw the abominations, he saw the evil placed in the very heart of man the minute you went your own way

The Curse works for your own good.

Woman it works, don’t fight it,

Just stop it please, you hurt yourself.

Be humble or be humbled by a curse.


One Comment Add yours

  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Deep poem. Is it about your own struggle?


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