My Bus Adventures


I’m sitting in a bus I can’t remember it’s color now but that’s not the focus. I am thinking of responsibility and accountability.
At the end of your life only you will account for what you did, what other people made you do, what you didn’t do, at the end it won’t matter if someone made you do it or not, it is you who will answer for it.

Also, I’m kind of enjoying the ride. The last time I took a bus was a week ago. By the time I got to my destination it was like I had walked through the desert to get there. I was hot, my hair permanently confused with sweat all over. I didn’t wait to greet too many people, the washroom was my only friend now.
But now, I don’t know, I’m enjoying this ride and thinking of the many people who have never gotten the chance to enjoy this ride.

There’s something about a bus that makes you aware of other people, external things, the road, the buildings, the guy on a bike without a helmet, the truck carrying bags of rice, the man with a USA flag in his car, the really long vehicles that make you pray when you pass by them, the constant yelling  mate with only one eye.
Hmm.. Yeah he has one eye. It was the first thing I noticed about him. Here’s a random thought, are we quick to notice the things that are wrong with people? You know, the things we think are bad.

Now back in a private car, well first, you’re locked up, the windows are up, air conditioning, soundproof to the world. If you’re lucky and the driver likes the taste of good music then you’re okay. But then, it makes me think of the word selfish, here’s two more, self absorbed. There’s no reaching out to fellow road people, no communication, its just my opinion.
Heck!  I didn’t even know I had this particular opinion. That’s what happens when you just think a little.

I’m starting to feel hot and the sweat is just rude but its okay. The most important thing is I am going somewhere and learning on the way.
I think I am gonna call this My Bus Adventures, it’s a best part of your life if you can relate to it. There’s so much to learn if only you will see.

Later on….
I get to my destination and my meeting is canceled.
Haaaaaa, what was it I said on the bus? The most important thing is in the going and in the learning. It sounds like it makes sense but now all I can think of is I wanna hit something because I really do.
But I don’t, life has its karmas but life also offers new opportunities.
And now I am sitting in the back of a car going back to my life and I can’t help but notice the people on both sides of the road, with their brightly colored goods, green apples, cream sugar canes, yellow plantain chips and their smiles in this heat, but hey! it’s Ghana and we are happy people so I’m happy too.

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