Walking in this heat like a Zombie (Life in Ghana)


Has anyone asked if we are experiencing a heat wave without our knowledge? Because the heat has gone crazy.

My roommate just walked in and said “How can you be in a moving car and still be sweating?” Haha. It seems the people most affected by this sudden climate change are we the troski passengers and drivers, the walkers, the market women and average Ghanaians. It doesn’t mean private car owners are not complaining too, in fact I saw somebody tweet his air conditioner in his car was complaining about the heat.

Okay there are two things happening, this year is a leap year, wuuhooo and its really hot in Ghana now and for us to say its really hot, it means its over the top cos naturally the weather here is hot hot and we are used to it.  But people are going crazy about the heat, everyone tweeting about it, complaining about it but no one really asking why the weather is so hot, it makes you want to marry the bathroom or an air conditioner.

Now I am on the top list of people going crazy about the heat. Two days ago I went for a Shepherd’s training ( For those of you who don’t know what this is,ask a Lighthouse member:) and it lasted from Friday to Saturday morning. Hmm, it wasn’t easy for me at all. It was like the heat had attached itself to your skin like a leech sucking the life out of you. And no amount of hand fanning you did could make a difference. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

When it was finally over at six in the morning, I got back to school at seven thirty am, exhausted with heat still on my skin. You see I was to attend a graduation at Eight, I know right, crazy. I got to my room and collapsed, the plan was to close my eyes for thirty minutes, I did close my eyes but not for thirty minutes as expected.

When I finally awoke, I was more exhausted and very grumpy. Then comes the interrogation from my roommate and I’m like, don’t ask me one more question, I can’t deal now. Just a little over the line and I would have been rude.So I was thinking, what is wrong with me, what devil has taken over me. Then I remembered, the leech, it was still attached.

I was dehydrated from all the heat and I didn’t know it, so I drank some water and it was a little better. Going out to the graduation wasn’t better, the bus was hot, the road was hot, the people were hot, I was hot and I couldn’t even walk straight.

Yes I was the walking dead, a zombie, so slow and confused.

When I got to the church, it was the same, same heat, same people, same  exhaustion. The only time this heat goes away is when you take a bath and walk around your room naked.

Anyway all these heat talk made me do some reading on how to survive heat.

Here’s a few tips:

A. Stay hydrated : It’s crucial to make sure you drink plenty of water or a sports drink with electrolytes. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep taking regular sips. Avoid drinks with a lot of caffeine such as coffee and tea, and severely limit your intake of alcohol.When it is very hot outside you are recommended to take about 4 cups of water per hour.

So I noticed I wasn’t taking enough water, so it drained me and caused my system to be very zombie slow.

B. Dress appropriately for the heat: You know sometimes I wonder why we sell certain clothes in Ghana, I mean its hot, you can’t wear wool and the likes. To survive this heat you would want to ditch heavy clothing and wear light clothing with lighter colors, ditch darker colors, dude you’re going to roast if you wear black all the time. Ladies don’t over do it and wear nothing on the streets, this is not Brazil, Ghanaians might not appreciate your free spirit.

So I read this from wikihow, and I couldn’t agree more. You can search for How to Survive a Heat Wave and read the rest of the article.

Here’s tips from me:

C. Bathing and anything involving water: You need to bath, a lot. Every time I go out and come back, I bath. I mean forget that its hygienic and a lot of crazy dirty people have touched you, its the only way to feel cool these days. When you’re outside, I suggest you carry a face towel and dab it with water and keep cool with it. It does great wonders trust me.

D. Keep your house ventilated: You have to open those windows and let fresh air come in, nothing like fresh air.

E. Must have  heat kit: This is my must have kit,you have to carry a face towel with you, hand sanitizer, water bottle with actual water in it, some body spray, just in case you need to freshen up. There I can’t think of anything else.

My brother said the heat has affected his voice, his mind, I say the heat is doing more damage than good. We already have enough problems.

Tell me how is the heat affecting you?

_Lorraine Stitch

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