Me, My Pajamas, My Escape and Busua



A year ago, my thoughts survived as thoughts or sat out on my phone where you couldn’t find it, not until I willfully got on a bus on a whim, to live out an impulsive weekend.

Have you ever felt like escaping into another place where you don’t have to live out your daily routine, and see the constant faces? A place where no one knows you and your sins?

Haha, I’m talking about an escape, well I found mine here, in Busua. You see I heard Busua is a  beach resort and fishing village in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region in Ghana, about 30 kilometers west of the regional capital, Sekondi- Takoradi. When I set out for Busua, I didn’t even know it existed, or what to expect, that was part of the thrill I guess, the idea of not knowing.


So I set out, I packed my bags, clothes, tea bags, my tea cup, and the likes. I got to the station, got some Kelewele (fried spicy plaintain) and groundnut, and got on the bus and off I went.

What did I do when I got there? The summary of it all is I laid on the beach, looking at people walk by and thought of nothing. I closed my eyes and sometimes I just slept. Haaaa, the bliss of just forgetting your life for a while and watch others live theirs.


Oh! There’s my feet, I love feet pictures. Don’t pay no mind to me, I try not to make it all about the face.IMG-20160401-WA0069

From feet to vintage shoes. . .


Look who came to commune.


Obviously this girl loved shoes. Oh! You should have seen her, she walked so gallantly and just sat there. She’s licking her mouth because she just finished feasting on my sausage.




And these ones always make any trip, free folk, some naked, unashamed, summary, happy Ghanaian children.


It was a delight to watch them take the sea, a little intimidating these ones, because you as an ‘adult’ is trying to avoid waves grabbing you and dragging you to the never ending sea and they are just teasing the sea.


This man enchanted me the most, he was a bundle of peace or maybe I thought so. The years go by and as we get older, people can see wisdom on our faces, more like this man’s face.





OH! They were totally showing off , I think they walked by more than once. Busua men or visitors, perhaps. There you have it, my trip in a summary. It did make me see things in a much different light.

I know escapes don’t take away your troubles but it does give you strength to face them and so my desire to go back home was once again reunited with me. I wanted to go home to my bed and my food and even those constant faces. I’ll take memories with me and great pictures of Busua. And most importantly, my trip gave birth to Lorraine Stitch, I did take more than memories and pictures, I took my writing and presented it to the world.


It’s been a year since I started the blog and it all started with me in my pajamas, my need for an escape and Busua and for that I am grateful.


It was a marvelous escape. . . Happy One Year Blogging Lorraine Stitch.

_Lorraine Stitch



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