We are young,

Burning, with wild fire,

Passion, dirty horns, lust,

Yet we desperately want love too.

And oh! how we love God madly.

Oh dear! that’s not gonna sit well.

All that combined is one f****d up torn heart.

Unstable, confused, vision blurred,

It’s being pulled here and there, to and fro.

Life is strangling our hearts by the throat. . .

Infusing nerves filled with tingling pleasures.

Damn! It’s stuffy in here, I’m choking.

Can we be young and reckless yet again?

Wherever we end up, we will pick it up from there.

So my flesh keeps telling me.

I think I am slowly listening to her.

I expect she will want to listen because,

A girl is burning. . .

But I hope she burns on till the end of the night.

The night may be young and long,

But slowly, it will end, flames will be tamed.

We are young and on fire,

We don’t want to give in but,

Oh! how it burns.

_Lorraine Stitch

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