If you are a music lover, you’ll know music is always an experience for the listener. 
It’s not just lyrics, the sound,or the voice, it’s where it takes you. The memories it brings, the moments you wish you could have while listening. 

I’m so tired, at least my body is after a long day at rehearsals. First it was that insane traffic on the road, that made me walk from one bustop to like the next two bustops.I didn’t complain even though the sun was grinning at me, I actually enjoyed my walk but then by the time I got to church I was exhausted. 

Now I’m in bed, with this music playing, hoping it will put me to sleep. 

But no! I’m awake fully and living the experience. Haha. . . Mushy feelings, peaceful mushy feelings. 

I can never sleep with these kind of songs.. It always gets my mind dreaming. It’s even worse when you are lying alone. 

I’m enjoying this but I need to sleep, tomorrow is church or rather today.

Hmmm… I sigh, its going to be another long day in church, but from now on till my dying day, this is the life. 

_Lorraine Stitch

Image: Pinterest