What breakfast is to a Ghanaian.


Ask a real Ghanaian what he had for breakfast and it could be anything. You might not know this but we may look posh and have a world wide accepted accent but we love our traditional foods. 

Breakfast is not English for us, nor American, or in any particular order, we don’t believe in you can’t have this for breakfast, breakfast is and always will be good food for Ghanaians. 

Heavy, light, solid, liquid, thick, a little runny, as long as it tastes good. 

Personally, I love the typical European breakfasts you see on you tube, toast, eggs, bacon, baked beans, sausages, juice, tea, salad maybe, Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu don’t forget pancakes, waffles, and I wouldn’t mind sandwiches, cakes and chocolate cookies, absolutely delicious!! But every once in a while the Ghanaian in me comes out and seduces my taste buds.

We are Ghanaians and if you ever decide to marry one of us, get ready!! Because when you ask what we want for breakfast, our response will be thus:

‘Oat, Tom brown..’

‘Rice porridge..’

‘Waakye, that’s my usual standard nowadays.’

‘Kenkey..’ (Ga or Fante) 

‘Hausa koko and koose..’

‘White koko..’


‘Banku, with some hot pepper, some onions on the side and fish, preferably tilapia…’

‘ I eat fufu for breakfast..’

‘ I eat kenkey oo..’

‘Bofrot though..’

‘Bread, omelette and tea..'(Lipton) you have to specify which kind of tea, because your tea means many things to us. 

‘Yesterday was rice and groundnut soup before church service..’

‘Garri foto and fish..’

‘Ampesi with pepper sauce, eggs, avocado..’ hmmm. 

‘Fufu and palm nut soup, 7am sharp, please no neat fufu..’ haha 

‘Jollof! Jollof!! Jollof!!..’

It never ends here, we can go on listing all the foods we like. 

I think we eat according to feelings, I know I do, today it may be pancakes for me, tomorrow it will be Banku and Okro. 

We are free, not restricted, no one can tell us what not to eat for breakfast , unless it’s unhealthy of course but even then.. Haha.. we’ll see. 

What is breakfast to you? Is it a one way ticket? Then you’re definitely  not Ghanaian. 

_Lorraine Stitch 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Obed Appiah (OAK27) says:

    Hahaha, I laugh enter chop bar, Eii what am I doing there? Breakfast of cause lol. Nice one


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