About Mondays, it’s a love and hate kinda thing. 

If you are social media friendly, you’ll have seen at least one meme about how everyone hates Mondays, with justified reasons. 

The weekend was great and you wished it never ended. You want the booze to continue flowing, the outings or just your really close relationship with your bed to flourish. 

Ha! Not me, I’m glad my weekends are over but then again I’m not glad, so you see,  it really is a love, hate kinda thing. 

Now,  I can’t remember the last time I went out on a weekend. When I meet new people and they want to hang out in the weekend, my response has always and will always be, ‘I’m sorry but my weekends are not for me, rehearsal on Saturday and church on Sunday.’ 

And then they’d reply, ‘Oh but what about after rehearsal or after church?’ 

Lol.. ‘Sorry Love, there is nothing like after church, the only thing you will want after church is a shower, food and bed.’ 

My church is amazing, people wonder why we stay in church ‘all day’, but Chale we like it. We don’t want to leave because this is our life, we really like God. 

Yeah, what was I trying to say? Ah ha! I love it when my weekend ends because it is work baby, if you have ever been in a choir like mine, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

And then there’s Sunday, Exciting!! Fun!! And Work!! Yesterday we were there from 7:00 am to the night. 

When it’s all over, its me thanking God for a day like Monday, I know others in church who work on Mondays are dreading it but as me, Mondays are my peace, my sanctuary. 

Monday is for reliving beautiful memories made in church and the week before.
Monday is so for downloading the message that was preached in church whilst you are checking Facebook for pictures, to see if you featured in any at all. 

 It’s for tea and for writing with music in my ears. 

It’s for good food and watching Penguins and Polar Bears in the Antarctica, whilst your awe for God is really increasing.  

Mondays can accommodate Social Media too, the memes you find when you’re scrolling up your time line on twitter is just one good therapy. 

It’s also for chatting up with new people you met the day before in church on whatsapp. 

Mondays are so for me, I’m mostly indoors all day. 

Seasons change I know, so I won’t have this forever, more reason why I love it even more. 

What are your Mondays like? 

Would love to know. 

_Lorraine Stitch 


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