What we all look forward to at a wedding is the food. 

Oh! We are all guilty, we all think of the food. It’s not just weddings, it’s any occasion at all.

 Has anyone invited you to an event or a get together and you asked if there will be food? If you didn’t ask, you were thinking it. 

And why not, after siting down for 2 hours, and don’t forget the extra 2 hours where we waited for the bride to come. 

Why shouldn’t I think of food, and good food too. I’m hungry, all that smiling and cheering of the groom to break the last couple who got married kissing record, singing hymns, keeping quiet while the preacher is preaching and from time to time shouting Preach!! All that makes a sister hungry. The next place I’d want to go to is the reception. 

But sadly, that didn’t happen to me when I went for a wedding to sing last Saturday. 

You guys know my Saturdays are for rehearsal, I forgot to mention and sometimes weddings. 

I went for this wedding, I was going to sing so yeah I was working. 

After it was over, everyone was naturally hungry and picture taking was speeding up. 

You see, the reception was just at the corner close to the chapel, which made it even more amazing. 

My hungry friends who are also choiresters were going to relax at the reception, and they did.

Until I came to spoil it, you see, we still had rehearsals and so we had to leave. 

All that food arranged nicely on the tables was not going to see the walls of our stomachs.We were sad I tell you and hungry. 

That’s why I say, do eat before you go for any occasion, even if there’s going to be food there. 

Eat something small like what I had for breakfast. 

Oh yeah, I did have breakfast before I left for the wedding. 

You see, I can’t stand the pain of hunger and I almost always miss receptions because I have to be somewhere else.

So I had sunny side up egg on brown bread toast with some lemon and ginger tea. 

It kept me from fainting and gave me the strength to by pass that attractive wedding food. 

My friends on the other hand didn’t have breakfast, so drinks and peanuts had to be organized for them, we left the wedding with a smile. 

Here’s a suggestion from my friend to wedding planners, always have something small packaged for people who cannot stay for the reception, because in truth, not everybody likes to spend their whole Saturday at a wedding.

 Some of us have rehearsals.  . . 

And some of us just don’t like a crowd when we are eating… 

_Lorraine Stitch 


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  1. Annette says:

    I love the point about eating before attending any function especially weddings as you cannot predict the day. I mean the food is a highlight but i also look forward to seeing a happy couple, the “you may kiss the bride” and taking lots of pictures


    1. Sure and the dress.. Lol.
      Thanks for your thoughts.


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