10 Tips On How To Be The Annoying Guest. 

We love it when people come to visit, especially if they’re the thoughtful kind, you know the ones who bring food, or a drink or just their lovely personalities.

But in general I think people like their space and we are all hermits at one point. We love the guests but we love it more when they leave. 

Oh yes!! When goodbyes are said and the door is closed, a sigh follows whether in your head or out loud.  

You look behind you and you see the mess you have to clean, but you are thanking God, it’s quiet and peaceful again. 

I know,  because it happens to me every time someone visits, like yesterday. I wasn’t too happy about some things and that was it, I thought I’d share my personal Guest Etiquette. 

But then, this morning I decided to give it a little twist and share just the opposite of Guest Etiquette. 

The 10 tips on how to be the annoying guest. By the way, this applys more to people in school. If you’ve ever visited me in school, well reading this will let you know what kind of guest you were. Haha!!

So the first way to be annoying is to:

1. Show up without notice and knock on the door real loud.

Yes Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! You’ll not only succeed in making me irritated, but very reluctant to open the door. Banging the door like a thief or security will get you going koraa. 

2. Come in with dirty shoes and walk all over the room. 

You know how maybe it rained, and the streets were muddy and your shoes kissed the mud, yeah don’t take your shoes off, just walk in and don’t stand on one spot, walk around freely. 

3. Introduce yourself to my roomate and start asking her random, questions or personal questions.  

Yes!! Don’t wait for me to introduce you, take charge, compliment her excessively and ask what movie she’s watching, if you can join, all the while smiling. I’m going to like being embarrassed. 

4. Immediately sit on my bed not the chair. Assume you already have an established intimacy and stretch your dirty legs on that neatly laid bed. 

5. Do not accept what food I have to offer you, ask for something I don’t have. 

No! No!! Don’t be polite and accept it or even decline, ask me to get you something I don’t have and cannot afford, and don’t offer to pay for it. 

6. Be on your phone most of the time, answering calls, replying messages and so on. 

Keep going out to receive calls, always look on your phone, or watch funny videos, this should make me feel like you have paid me enough attention. 

7. Ask me really personal questions, or things I don’t want to talk about, in summary be insensitive. 

When you finally decide to have a meaningful conversation, ask very personal questions, and don’t read the signs on my face that’s says ‘I don’t want to talk about it with you.’ Especially because I’m not really close to you. And do make a big deal about me avoiding your personal questions. 

8. Make a big mess in the washroom. 

When nature calls, do answer without thinking. Leave trails and let the whole world know you have been in there. 

9. Do not know when to leave. 

Oh yes! You must not know when to leave, even when I’m yawning or saying I need to rest. Or it’s been a long day, no no, you’re a considerate guest, you do not leave until you are told to leave or until I fall asleep, even then you can still stick around and watch me sleep. 

10. When you finally leave late, ask me to see you off. 

When sense kicks in and you are leaving very late, ask me to see you off to the ground floor  or walk you to the nearest bustop. 

Lol, this should do. You’ll never get another invite, you’ll be talked about and tagged. Or the next time you come, rules will be handed out baby. 

These are things that annoy me, they may not tick you off, let me know in the comments below what a guest can do to make you aggravated. 

_Lorraine Stitch 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarcasm at its BEST!! I wonder how many people will get it though 😂. Brilliantly written. you know in Ghana, we dont call ahead before showing up at your doorstep. It’s not natural for us, we just show up 😂. I am yet to have an annoying guest. But you should find a nice way to tell them what you would appreciate from them so they are less annoying… like seizing their phones till they leave. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!!! Lol seizing phones.. I got this idea from movie. When there’s a party, everyone drops their phone in a box, I intend to incorporate that in my home koraa. No phones at the dinning table.
      And about not calling before you show up, it’s not nice at all, except of course you have that kind of relationship with the person.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😍


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