Life isn’t a happy ending (My long thoughts on Me Before you) 

First of all, seeing Emilia Clarke play her character was refreshing. For once she wasn’t all prim and proper as a khaleesi should be. She was bubbly, she smiled a lot and her eyebrows danced as she did. Gosh! I have never seen such expressive eyebrows, they just wouldn’t sit still. 
Haaaaa I’m smiling as I write this, I love me some Emilia Clarke. 

Why am I here again? 

I came to tell you about this amazing movie I have been dying to see, I couldn’t find it anywhere till today. 

You should have seen me, I screamed and I was all grins, I couldn’t wait. The trailer was very promising. 

It promised romance, and I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m such a fan of the romantics, not the cliché ones, the real romance movies and books like Dear John, The theory of Everything, The time traveller’s wife, About time, If only, The age of Adaline, trust me, I cried at every one of these.

 Yeah I’m like that. I just love good stories, especially the ones that tell the truth about life. Life isn’t always a happy ending. It’s full of so many twists, and tears, there’s happy times, but there are not so happy times too. 

Anyway, me before you is a really great film, and it lived up to my expectations but it broke my heart too. 

You see, this girl Louisa played by Emilia Clarke gets a job as a caregiver for Will Traynor played by Sam Claflin who was completely paralyzed by a motorcycle accident two years ago. 

At first, you know how these things go, he’s cold to her as she tries to be friendly. But with time, he warms up to her vibrant self, and I knew he would, that man needed some cheering up.

Things are going well huh, except this guy is in constant pain, the reality of life, he can’t do anything except with help and his life isn’t going to get better and he knows it. 

This isn’t the story where the girl loves the guy and somehow, love is enough to make everything better, he gets the use of his body again, they marry and they live happily ever after. 

No!! It’s not going to happen, even though I want it to happen, this is life. 

Somehow I thought,  you know, after they fall in love,  they’d marry and we’ll see their struggles as it happens in real life just like The Theory of Everything. 

But that doesn’t happen either, the writer is amazing by the way, he just took us where we will never have gone. 

I don’t know to explain this to you, here let me show you. 

(The conversation between Will and Louisa that will definitely make you cry) 

‘I have to tell you something’ he said. 

‘I know, I know about Switzerland, I have known for months. Listen I know this is not how you would have chosen it but I can make you happy.’ she said.  



No Clark, I get that this could be a good life, but it’s not my life, it’s not even close. You never saw me before. I loved my life, I really loved it. I can’t be the kind of man that justs accepts this.’

‘You’re not giving it a chance, you’re not giving me a chance. I have become a whole new person this last six months because of you.’ 

‘I know, and that’s why I can’t have you tied to me. I don’t want you to miss all the things that someone else could give you, and selfishly I don’t want you to look at me one day and feel even the tiniest bit of regret or pity. ‘

‘ I will never think that!’ She exclaimed

‘You don’t know that. I can’t watch you wondering around the annex in your crazy dresses or see you naked and not… Not be able to do.. Argh! God!  Clark if you had any idea what I want to do to you now. I can’t live like this!’

‘Please Will, please. . ‘ She was sobbing. 

‘Ssshh, listen, this, tonight being with you, is the most wonderful thing you could have ever done for me, but I need it to end here. No more pain and exhaustion and waking up every morning already wishing it was over. It’s not going to get better than this, the doctors know it and I know it.’ 

‘When we get back I’m going to Switzerland so I’m asking you if you feel the things you say you feel, come with me.’

‘ I thought that I was changing your mind.’ She cried. 

‘Nothing was ever going to change my mind, I promised my parents six months and that’s what I have given them.’

‘No, No don’t say another word, you are so selfish, I tore my heart out in front of you and all you can say is no. And now you want me to come and watch the worst thing you could possibly imagine.. .’ 

Louisa says some more things and walks away, with Will crying out her name. 

I am tempted to spoil this for you guys, really I am, but I think you should watch the movie. 

I want you to feel my heartbreak, but this is life people, things happen and the truth is one day, we will all be faced by the same thing. Some of us will face it now, tomorrow, a few years from now, later, some people have already faced it and some get to decide when they face it. 

I’m sure you get me now. . . 

Anyway my heart is broken, I guess it reminds you to cherish the times you have with people, your loved ones and to live your life to the fullest, you really do get one life here and then there’s the next. . . 

I enjoyed the movie, it was real but then I tell myself, thank God it’s a movie and it didn’t happen but somewhere, somehow, somebody is living the exact same story. 

Life can be really bitchy. . . 

PS: Sam Claflin is one hell of a man, dayum! 

_Lorraine Stitch 

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  1. annemihelich says:

    I loved the movie and hated the ending! Very cute and emotional


    1. I have never hated and loved a movie so much as this one.
      After watching, I felt like I shouldn’t have watched. I understand that his life was hard but no one should have to commit suicide, assisted or not.
      But it was beautiful.

      Liked by 1 person

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