Friends are best made outside your phone.

You can call me old school because I still believe in phone calls, letters, talking for long, and I hate typing in short hand. I mean what is short hand? 
But no, I’m not just old fashioned, I’m a human being who still appreciates the things that truly bond us. 

Social Media brought us closer and yet we are still very far. 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone on whatsapp and you ended up fighting because this person said something that upset you, and they didn’t even know it?

Yeah, it’s because you can’t see the person’s facial expressions, you can’t hear the tone in which the person said it. And don’t tell me emojis are there to show that. 

Guys, do take time out, from your phones and laptops and tweets and have a real conversation with your friends, your family and co workers. Calls are not that expensive these days or any other day for that matter or better still, just meet up. 

Like I did last night. You see, I was tired of talking to people on a page, I wanted to know the people behind their phones. 

So I went out with some friends, and indeed, what bonded us was great food, refreshing talk, music, and oh yeah, no phones. We put our phones away till it was time to take pictures. We did go back to it from time to time which proves how much our phones control us but we won in the end. 

And we didn’t run out of what to say, we didn’t run out of laughter or teasing, we didn’t run out of food too, thank God.

Pizza and Coke from Eddy’s pizza, East Legon

It’s something I am so passionate about, I don’t want my memories with friends and family to only be on whatsapp group pages, or Twitter or Facebook, let’s go out, let’s laugh truly and not just write ‘lol’ with that blasted emoji when truly we are not laughing. 

Let’s run, let’s smile, let’s eat, let’s share, let’s look up from our phones and live. 

_Lorraine Stitch