There are some foods you have to just get on the street, when you’re on the go and there’s no way you can cook. 

Today, I couldn’t resist this beauty, roasted plaintain with groundnuts. A friend told me he didn’t know you’re supposed to eat it with groundnuts. Well now you know, you can’t separate these two, it’s a taboo. Haha! 

Some people like it a little unripe but not me, I like mine very ripe, soft, and hot. 

Mmmm, you will enjoy this as it melts in your mouth and you taste that sweetness. 

Are you in Ghana? you should this, and chat with the women who sell them, they are friendly. 

Follow me as I move across Accra and beyond, looking for the best, the tastiest, the most traditional Ghanaian foods, only sold on the street. 
_Lorraine Stitch