Cafés is the new black. 

Vida Cafe Labone

I’ve never really enjoyed being formal, going to formal places, talking in formal language, wearing formal clothes, it’s this thing about me not liking being rigid and stiff, it’s just not me. But of course not everything should be care free with no restrictions or rules.

I too should be able to do formal and be comfortable in it, but when it’s time to loosen that tie, to wear my hair down, I’m glad there are places I can go to be just that, free.

It’s no place new, but experiencing them has been new for me, it’s the trend in Gh now, it’s Cafés in town.

They are not like your regular restaurants, it’s primarily a coffeehouse or a coffee shop.

Café Mondo A&C East, Legon

It may have similarities with restaurants but trust me, you may love this one more.
With it’s usual rustic theme and casual atmosphere, this is a place you can hang out with friends and not be afraid to laugh out loud.

Food is usually light, pastries, sandwiches, breakfast recipes and coffee, smoothies and juice to wash it all down.

So what makes a good Cafe?

What will make you choose a Café over a restaurant or a fast food joint.

First of all, it’s got a really good comfortable atmosphere.

Freelancers always find this a very useful place to work. You’ll find many with their laptops plugged in.

Let me tell you, you can’t do this in a restaurant, or even at KFC.  Ever seen anyone whip out their laptop in a restaurant before? Naaa, it’s not happening.

A Café should have comfy seats too, you know cozy seats that make you think you’re home, yeah, that one.

I’ve only been to two Cafés so far and the seats were okay, but not that one that makes you think of home.

There’s music flowing, soft in the background, not too loud and not too faint. So you get that therapy for free, well not really, since you’re paying for it.

So, if you’re the nerdy type, or the blogger who likes to work on the go, Cafés are meant for you.

Then, there’s the part about good food.

Come on! It’s a coffee house, the coffee must be good.


I mean it’s the signature of a Café.

Honestly I have been to two cafés so far and I didn’t try the coffee. Haha!

But don’t worry I will next time, because I hear it’s really delicious.

For the coffee lovers who can’t work without it, these Cafés serve all the kinds you like, the lattes, cappuccinos, iced coffee, you’ll love it.

BLT from Vida Cafe

Sandwiches are great too if you love sandwiches while you work. I got this one from Vida Café, it was truly amazing as it looks, crunchy, tasty, lush, ok I’m stopping now.

Breakfast at Café Mondo A&C East, Legon

And for breakfast, breakfast at Café Mondo was great. It’s the kind of breakfast mum will make, unless she was pounding fufu at 6am.

How can you have this and not work effectively?

Work and food never did anyone harm.

The icing on the cake is there is WiFi you are allowed to access just because you are a beloved customer.

But you know how GH is, and how our internet can really disgrace you, but as long as it works, it’s yours to use.

Service is good, you know, if you’re looking for pretty waitresses, you should go to Cafés. Haha!

So tell me, will you like to try it?

You should, and you should let me know how it goes.

Cafés is the new black now, don’t miss out, try it.

_Lorraine Stitch


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    I agree with you Lorraine, Cafe’s are the new cool lately.I’m addicted to Second cup the only that’s comfy and a bit closer to home!


    1. Hi Jessica, Good to know you find them cool. Where’s Second cup though?


  2. Oh the BLT is screaming ‘bite me’! … curious though, how long can you hang around and how much do you need to spend for the period of stay…?


    1. Lol Esther.. I know right.
      I think you can hang around for as long as you want.. As long as you’re buying food or a drink. I met a team at Vida Cafe and we stayed there for 2 and half hours.
      Nobody said anything about you can’t stay for long.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. joseyphina says:

    Great shots! Really whet my appetite. Lovely post👍


  4. Annette says:

    Yaasssssss!!! My favourite cafe at the moment is Second Cup. You’re right about the ambiance. This super cool atmosphere, plus the smell of coffee that hits you when you enter, fresh pastries, gosh! Everybody looks super cool in a cafe though, lol! Second cup is at the Achimota Mall, Palace shopping mall, Accra Mall and West hills Mall


    1. Wow!! Thanks. You make it sound so lovely. Will check it out. 😊


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