My First Recipe On The Blog


If you know me, you’ll know it’s no secret I love food. I love making it, eating it, and especially critiquing it. I’m so fussy about what goes in my mouth, I’d rather skip a meal than eat bad food, although bad tasting food is rather relative.

I definitely wanna share food I like, I’m not a chef (I wish I was) but I’m a fast learner and food loves me as I love it , so it works.

Today I wanna share a one pot recipe I learnt from one of my favorite cooks Laura Vitale. It’s a bit different from hers, because one, I couldn’t get all the ingredients so I had to improvise. If you love cooking like me, you’ll hate living in Ghana for one valid reason, cheese is super expensive because we are too smart to make it ourselves and yeah when you go to your local market, it’s hard to find basil, or say pine nuts, at least you can get mint, parsley, and spinach at Madina or Agbobloshie.

Laura’s recipe required basil, pine nuts, cheese for pesto which I didn’t have so I had to skip that. The whole idea is to use ingredients you have on hand.

So here’s what I used for this easy recipe.

Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 15 to 20 mins


1 lb of spaghetti

1 large Onion, sliced into big chunks

3 large cooked sausage ( I fried mine a little)

1 cup of Tomato Puree ( If you can’t get that, just use two large fresh tomatoes, blend it and parboiled it, till the water is dried )

Some cherry tomatoes (optional)

3 Cups of water

1 large Bell pepper ( or green pepper)

3 Cloves of Garlic crushed or minced

Fresh parsley/ bay Leaves

Salt and Black pepper to taste

What to do

So there’s a reason it’s called a one pot spaghetti, you toss everything in a big pot and let it cook, but you must do it well, otherwise it will go wrong.

  1. Take a large heavy bottomed pot, add the water, tomato puree, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, bay leaves, fresh parsely and stir. Then add the spaghetti, don’t break it please. Put your burner on medium high heat.
  2. As the sauce boils, the spaghetti will welt into the sauce, stir it and allow to cook for 10 to 15 mins, depending on how long it takes your spaghetti to cook. My spaghetti was thicker so it took about 20 minutes to cook. Go for thin ones if you don’t like thick spaghetti.
  3. Make sure you season your spaghetti well, with salt and black pepper and stir every couple of minutes so the spaghetti doesn’t stick together.
  4. You want to make sure your sauce doesn’t dry out, so if it does, add a little water and season again. The spaghetti should not be dry but moist with that sauce, so watch it.
  5. When it’s cooked, you can add Parmesan cheese if you have that, I didn’t so I skipped it. Serve right away with some fresh parsley sprinkled on it


That’s all! Really, this recipe is perfect for those times you just want to make something quick and easy, or when an unexpected hungry guest surprises you.

I highly recommend this recipe, It’s super easy to make, delicious and just a handful of ingredients to work with.

But this is not a rigid recipe, you can add your own spin to it and substitute ingredients, be creative.

I hope you like it, try it and let me know how it goes.

_Lorraine Stitch



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    1. Thanks dear 😊 it tastes fabulous too.

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  1. Annette says:

    Wow! That’s looks delish!

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