How Shoalin Soccer made my day. 

Lol! The title is a bit dramatic today, I mean the day is still young and the memories are slowly losing its effect, but anyway I hope it catches your attention, well I guess if you’re here, it did.  

I’m not the kind of person who blogs about everything I see and experience, somethings are just for your eyes or maybe it’s not really going to benefit anyone. But I had to share this one. 

I got on a bus this morning and after I sat down, I looked up and there on the TV screen was a movie I watched when I was little. It was Shoalin Soccer!!

You know that movie, with it’s exaggerated special effects and impossible action, it was just what I needed to start the day. 

Why? Because it made remember the time, you know the good times, when we were young and innocent and free and we didn’t have so many troubles. It also made me remember the people I watched the movie with. 

I had a good laugh on that bus, and so did many people too. 

Even though we know the movie is too dramatic, we don’t care, it’s still a good movie and it still made us laugh after all these years. 

Hmmm, that tells me that I am not dead and overwhelmed by the issues that come everyday. I’m still a child who can laugh at a silly movie and it doesn’t take the world to make me happy, to start my day with a smile. 

If you haven’t watched that movie, you should, lol! 

I think the epic part is when the good guys shoot that epic ball, that carries the wind and the earth with it, clearing everything in its way, and finally reaching the goal post and because the wind is so strong, it blows away the goal keepers clothes, leaving him buck naked and flying off into the sky along with everything else. 

It’s a silly movie, but it may be what you need to start a great day or end it. 

Have a blessed day guys, it’s about time. 

_Lorraine Stitch 

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