Meanwhile, as people are waiting to get the new IPhone 7 (which is gorgeous btw) I’m enjoying my INFINIX HOT 3

The IPhone 7 is out, yayy!! It’s beautiful, It’s bold and it’s in my favorite color black. And it comes with the usual social pressure. I’ve observed that in the world, there will always be some sort of social pressure and there are four kinds of people who respond to it.
One, the people who can afford to get the latest phone no matter if their current phone is still okay.

Two, the people who hustle for the Iphone 7 even though they can’t afford it.

Three, the people who wouldn’t mind having the IPhone 7, but can’t buy it because of obvious reasons. So they stick to their old phones, like me (no pressure)

And lastly, the people who don’t give a damn about what kind of phone they use, they just don’t care about chasing new things.

This is not a review of the phone, what new changes they’ve made is not really my cup of tea, but I hear there is no much change but a few irrelevant add ons, but that’s for you guys to decide.

I’m not sure what group you fall in, but I am one of those people who can’t afford to buy an IPhone 7 yet. LOL!  But that’s cool really, and it should be for you too if we are group mates.

What’s that proverb that was passed down to us again?

Cut your coat according to your MATERIAL, not your SIZE. Yes! We all have big sizes, big dreams, and we want to use the best things like an IPhone 7, but then again that’s debatable.

If you can afford it, or someone can afford it for you, why not? Sure, indulge yourself. And by afford I mean you can pay for it without stretching your neck or sweating in your pants. But if you’re like me and you can’t, and this is my opinion which you know is true, don’t make it your ultimate goal to get it or die trying. You just might die trying, and it may not be a physical death but your finances might die, or your own soul because you’re more concerned about the pride of life.

Your ultimate goal should be to make it to heaven, haha! You know, the noble things, to finish school, start a business, work more for God, be a better person.

I too like good things you know, but sometimes just chill, some things will come to you in good time, especially when you don’t chase them.

Some weeks ago, my Daddy said our lives are better than the lives they lived. In their time, they used to drink Coke only at Christmas or really special occasions. Ha! Can you imagine it? What about chicken? Chickens had no reason to fear death until it was Christmas. But now look at us, Coke is three cedis, fifty pesewas away, chicken is on everyone’s plate now, I’m even tired of the taste.

So, one day, what you can’t get now will be like Coke for you. You get what I mean.

There’s no rush really. Honey  it’s not a fight, or a competition, don’t let society make you believe  that. In the meantime, while you are waiting for IPhones to be Coke, here’s a great phone you can use that’s in town.

It’s the INFINIX PHONE!! HA! I use an infinix and yes it’s an android phone, my social life is still good, and people can bury themselves with their android vrs IPhone wars. It’s been a really good ride with infinix, it does what I need it to do, with a surprisingly good camera for everytime I want to play Street Photographer, and battery life is bae. It’s really affordable too. Seriously I felt I cheated the company buying it at such a low price.

Now, I’m not trying to sell my phone to you, I’m just saying, it’s okay to use what you have and be proud of it and be content. Life is still beautiful, the clouds won’t turn black if you can’t get an IPhone now, birds will still sing, Twitter won’t go anywhere, it doesn’t make any difference really.

So be free from social pressure in Jesus name.. Amen!!! πŸ™‚

Life has so many pleasant things to offer, better than what an apple company can create.

_Lorraine Stitch


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  1. joseyphina says:

    Amen. I’m enjoying mine tooπŸ˜‰


    1. Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

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