I’m such an emotional person, you need to be one if you are an artist.  
It’s this thing about reaching deep into your soul, digging into buried emotions, and making meaning of them. Sometimes you don’t, but you still need to express them. 

As a writer, the things that inspire me, sometimes(more like always) make me cry, music is number one of course, and looking at the sky at night helps too.  

A quiet place, silence, beautiful work of art, and lately movies. 

I tell you, I respect people who make movies, the actors, the writers, directors, producers, especially the ones that create movies that are real, the ones we live everyday. 

I’m sharing my top five movies that inspires me to write, it can inspire you too, and they definitely teared me up. 

5.The Longest Ride

4.The Age of Adaline

3. The Time Traveller’s Wife

2. About Time 

1. Me Before you 
These were epic, beautifully told, beautifully played, and if it doesn’t make you cry like I did, then it must be something wrong with your eyes not your soul.  

Good evening. 

_Lorraine Stitch