Learning how to drink and make good tea can be the skill that will take you places. 

Photo by Annetta Bosakova

If you’re not a lover of tea, you have to fall in love today I’m begging you. 
Tea is a universal language that most parts of the world speak, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the whole world.

Now I know in Ghana, what we refer to as tea can be quite different from what the rest of the world know as tea. 

I’m not talking about the beverages we call tea, it’s high time we stopped calling them that, because tea comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis.

All tea comes from this plant. Flavors are then infused with the plant to create tea like strawberry, vanilla, blackberry, camomile tea, and the likes. 

So, this is the universal tea language, but do you speak it? 

It’s a language spoken in business meetings, when meeting important people, breakfast meetings, at the Queen’s house or perhaps an Asian War Lord or even just in a social gathering. 

Even in the business world, I’ve realized you may not just need to know how to use computers, type letters, relate with people, you may need to know how to drink tea with the boss, or a potential client who likes tea. 

I’ve had to make tea for old time professors at work, just imagine if I didn’t know how to. 

I’ve been chosen to keep a job, just because there was no one else to make tea. 

You might be in the presence of important people, and they’ll be watching your tea Etiquette, let’s hope you read this article before that time so you can impress them. 

So, I’m sharing how to make world class tea that will give you an edge anywhere you go in the world. 

1) Boil some water, let it come to a boil, tea shouldn’t be made with warm water or even worse microwaved water. 

2) If you’re using tea bags, put your tea bag in your hot water, you can use a tea pot or just a tea cup. One tea bag is enough for one person, two for two persons and so on. 

3) Depending on how you like your tea, if you like it light, 2 minutes is okay for it to brew, but if you like it strong, 5 minutes will do. 

4) Usually tea is not taken with milk, as the milk overpowers the flavor of the tea. So you find in some parts of the world, they don’t use milk. 

But a little milk is allowed, just a little, because you don’t want to overwhlem that flavor. 

5) If you like using sugar that’s fine, but if you are a no sugar fanatic, you can take your tea with chocolate, sweet cookies, or cake. It’s amazing I tell you, I prefer mine this way. 

6) If you’re into flavors like I am, you can add honey, mint, lemon juice and fruits to your tea to give it fragrance, and a really delicious taste. 

7) Tea is usually served with sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and biscuits. 

Master this, and you will be able to dine with any great tea lover all over the world. 

Seriously, it really helps to know these things, and be open to them. 

Stop limiting yourself to what you know, and stop thinking, this is for foreigners, what’s the point of living, if you cannot adapt to change, or adapt other people’s good culture. 

In a world where competition is getting tougher, I think you should leave your I’m a traditionalist feelings behind, and open your mind and be global. 

But then again, you don’t have to take my word. 

_Lorraine Stitch  


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