This is not just a Recipe, It’s a Food Story.  

Hi guys, happy Monday. As always I love Mondays, it’s usually a breath of fresh air. 

So here’s what happened during the weekend. 

I made chips! Haha! 

Plantain chips is something most people I know like to buy and  snack on, it’s reasonably affordable, and tasty too, so it’s pretty much a win win. 

I’m going to share how I made it, but this is more about why I made it, not how. 

It was Saturday and I really wanted something simple and interesting to make. My friend had some unripe plantain we’ve been waiting to ripe, but it just wouldn’t ripen, and I got impatient. So, I took the liberty to go on YouTube and just see what I could do with it. 

Most people I know, buy plantain chips, they don’t make it and it’s the tradition now. People will rather buy than make food like this, because of time( they’ll rather just pay to save time) energy, and some people are just not crazy about food like me. 

I get it, I really do, and I understand that it’s not every time homemade food is a choice. 

But when you do get the time, do try and make your own plantain chips. 

Have you heard about how the people who make them fry the chips in some really wierd oil mixed with tyre. 

Okay correct me if I am wrong by commenting below. 

But I just know when you cook yourself, you’re in charge of  what goes in, you decide what oil to use, what spices to use, you get me now. It’s a much healthy way to live. And trust me, homemade stuff tastes better, I don’t know if that’s true across the world or if it’s just my mind, do let me know if you think homemade food tastes better than anything. And so, this is why I decided to make my own chips. 

Now to the recipe, here’s some quick steps on making what I’m calling( and I’m sure what someone else calls it) Salted Crispy Plantain Chips. 

You’ll need: 

1. Unripe Plantain or Ripe plantain 


3. Any Oil of your choice

What to do:

1. Remove plantain peel, I like to scrape off the rough skin, not sure what difference it makes, but my mom does it. 

2. Cut into really thin even slices with a knife. 

3. Soak in water so it doesn’t brown. 

4. Add salt into water. 

5. Remove plantain from water and put in a sieve to dry. 

6. Put oil in a frying pan, or pot or deep fryer. Let it smoke, then take plantain one by one and put in oil to fry. 

7. Because the plantain is really thin, it cooks easily so keep an eye on it. I notice when it’s fried, it stops sizzling. 

8. Remove plantain and transfer to a paper towel. Put in a Mason jar, just because Mason jars make everything look cool or a bowl, and snack away. 

It’s really simple and I’m definitely going to be doing this often, because it takes no time at all. 

Try it, be creative, spice it up if you think salt is boring, you’ll love it. 

Oh by the way, chips with peanuts is just amazing. 

_Lorraine Stitch

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