The Easiest Pepper Sauce

If you don’t like it hot, stop reading. Okay don’t stop reading,  but this is a fairly hot sauce. 

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, life is happening to me. You just know I respect people who work and still do what they love, it requires a lot of good Juggling skills, and I’m still getting the hang of it. 

Alright, so here’s what happened this last weekend. 

I made Pepper sauce. It’s sort of the green version of Ghanaian Shito, but without tomatoes, the dry shrimps, and whatever is added to it. 

This Pepper sauce is made up of two main ingredients, Pepper and Onions. 

The idea behind this is to make a really simple, cheap sauce I can eat with everything ranging from yam fries, potatoes, rice and so on. 

It’s really hot, I love hot food, and Ghanaians used to love it too, but I don’t know what happened, most Ghanaians I know can’t stand the heat anymore. 

If you don’t like hot pepper, you can reduce the heat by adding more onions.

Here’s how I made it. 


1. Pepper (The Green ones for the green effect) 

2. Onions

3. Vegetable Oil

4. Seasoning (Salt, black pepper, garlic ginger, Rosemary, bay leaves, and any seasoning you like) 

What to do:

1. Blend Pepper and Onions

2. Preheat Oil in your Pot

3.Add blended pepper and onions to hot oil

4. Grate 2 cloves of garlic or more if you like, and 1 small ginger. (Too much ginger gives a bitter taste) 

5. Add Seasoning in moderate proportions.

6. Let it fry till the water is dried, and the pepper looks cooked.I fried mine for about 40 minutes.

7. Let it cool, and put it in a jar. It’s so simple, you can leave it on fire and do other things.

Have fun with it with anything you have on hand. 

I made yam fries, and well it got my picky friend Adwoa coming to eat, so it was good. 

_Lorraine Stitch 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Annette says:

    Ohhhhhh looks yummy and I love crunchy yam fries! Do you de-seed the pepper because most of the heat is in the seeds… at least that’s what my mom says anyways. Oh and most Ghanaians cannot handle heat I think because of age. I find that the older that one gets the less the pepper that can be tolerated.


    1. Oh wow! Never knew removing the seeds could reduce the heat. Thanks.


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