5 Reasons Why You Should Remain in the Friend Zone. 

We’ve all been there, the friend zone. Some love it and some just loathe it, they want to get out. 

I’ve got news for you people, the friend zone is not a bad zone to be in at all. If you’re caught in it, and there’s no going out, be there. 

I hate that some people don’t want to be in there, I mean, you can only marry one husband, one wife, you can only like and date a few people. What’s gonna happen to the rest of the 99%? 

They are going to be in the friend zone! 

I find it exasperating that some guys, in my case are not content with what I have to offer them, my friendship. 

Which is valuable, I’m fairly nice, and I cook, lol, and not just for the one that makes my heart jump. I’m very loyal to my friends, I care about them, but no! They want more. 

See, with the training  I have in church, I know what I want and don’t want. I can usually tell if there’s hope for you, besides liking someone is not just something that is forced or something you can stir up, matters of the heart are a bit mysterious and magical. You can like someone immediately the first few times you encounter them, and you could have known someone for years, and nothing will happen. 

So my point is, stop trying to metamorphose every guy or girl you meet into a husband or wife, you need friends, people you can count on, even when you are in a relationship or married, you will need friends. 

And if a guy or girl is sending you signals,(usually I like to talk things out, state clearly, I don’t like you like that!) that they see you as friend and nothing more, try not to keep pushing, your pushing is not going to get you very far, it’s going to make things more awkward, and in most cases it leads to the very end of that friendship. 

It is better for you to remain friends, to experience friendship than nothing at all, and frankly speaking some people are just better off as your friend than your husband/wife, you have no idea the baggage that comes with them. 

So here’s my top 5 reasons why you should remain in the friend zone. 

5. For those of you who have been put here because the person is not sure about a relationship with you yet, don’t despair.I think it’s a good idea too, being in the friend zone will help you really get to know the person well. Stay there, you may or may not want to come out after, but then if you do, good luck. 

4. The friend zone is great because some people are more valuable to you as a friend, they are simply better people as a friend. A relationship can spoil things, the best way I can explain this is that the both of you are not compatible for a relationship, but for friendship, yeah that will be great. 

3. Being in the friend zone can actually help you learn more about the opposite sex, which will later help you in your relationship. 

2. To me, my friends are for life, being someone’s true friend means we can count on each other till death do us part. (A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24) I have such guy friends, there’s nothing romantic about our relationship, but there is true Agape love, they are my backbone when I need them. You can have the same if you will open your heart to it. 

1. And lastly, putting you in the friend zone is someone’s choice, respect it, and actually be their friend. Don’t worry, soon someone will be willing to be your friend and be more, you won’t have to struggle for it. 

Hope you enjoyed this piece and actually learnt something. Comment below and let me know your thoughts. I will love to read them. 

I’m dedicating this piece to all my male friends who have been a true friend to me for years now. (You know yourselves) It’s been a pleasure I tell you, you are very valuable to me. 

_Lorraine Stitch 

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