“You keep evolving each time I witness you.

I can’t seem to keep up with your beauty,

It stuns me and I’m just glued.

You’ve become my infinity.” His eyes are truthful as he inhales her, they become still after so much dancing. .as if waiting for her to say anything.

She smiles, then
Her eyes open.
She sees the roof of her bed, she wastes no time to remember her dream, its the only way she can relive it. “I can’t seem to keep up with you….she heard him say.
The door moans, someone Is knocking.
Its seven in the morning. She runs to the door, looks into the  peep hole and sees nothing.
She almost slips as she steps on water lying on the floor to the bathroom, splashing water on her face.
Its puffed up and looks lumpy like mashed potatoes gone wrong.
After drying her face, it still looks like old sleep, so she grabs her face powder, the one that makes black people red and spotless.
More persistence at the door causes her to pause and look at what she had quickly cooked. She wasn’t satisfied but the door won’t stop reacting to much pounding.
Hands on her hips, she moves to the door and opens it. She feels the wind before she sees his tall frame.
” Please will you like some pastries? Fresh pastries, only two cedis”.
She looked  at this figure, stunned for a minute, then she realizes it is only the pastry guy.
“No, thank you,” she said, a frown on her face.